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Vlog Into the New Year

Start your video blog in 2014. Upload your videos and you'll create a lasting record of the year.

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Apps for Turning Drawings into Videos

Three cool apps that make it simple to create an animated drawing or white board style video. Check out Video Scribe, Doodlecast and Sketch Vid.

Endless TV Video Watching App

Endless TV is a free app that offers a unique online video experience. Choose your channels, and you'll be served a stream of videos without ads or anything else to distract you from watching.

MatchCut Video Editing App

MatchCut is a free app that automatically edits your video clips by synching them to music. The result? A fun-to-watch clip that's perfect for sharing.

StoryMaker Simplifies Video Journalism

StoryMaker is a handy app for Android that breaks down all aspects of mobile citizen journalism into bite-sized scenes and lessons. It covers everything from

StoryMaker for Citizen Journalists

StoryMaker helps citizen journalists create high-quality video stories on their phones with lessons, story guides and publishing tools.

Watch & Learn at the YouTube Creator Academy

Streaming Video Games on Twitch

If you like to play video games - or watch other people play them - then Twitch is the site for you. More than 45 million people visit Twitch every month to

YouTube Creator Academy

The YouTube Creator Academy can help you make your videos more awesome and your channel more popular with video tutorials and courses.

Twitch Video Game Streaming

Twitch.tv is a video game streaming site for watching live and archived games and tournaments. It's the online hub for videos about video games.

Are You Ready to Rumble?

If you have a video with viral potential, consider putting it on Rumble. The site works with many major web publishers to help you get the most money per view.

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