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Desktop Video March 2012 Archive


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Use Animation to Advertise

Friday March 30, 2012
There are plenty of online animation websites that allow you to create professional looking videos for little to no cost. Consider using an animated video to enhance your brand.

Document Your Conference or Meeting

Tuesday March 27, 2012
With all the logistical preparation a conference requires, it's worth your while to document the event. Set up audio and video equipment ahead of time. To make sure you get ... Read More

Video Cloud Storage: Pixorial

Monday March 26, 2012
Do you have hundreds of different video memories scattered among different computers and mobile devices? Try uploading your videos to the cloud with Pixorial. Pixorial accepts a broad range of ... Read More

Broadcasting with Livestream

Sunday March 25, 2012
Whether you want to share streaming video with your friends or broadcast a large event to international audiences, Livestream can host your stream. With a multitude of highly customizable audio ... Read More

JibJab Starring You

Saturday March 24, 2012
JibJab is an animated photo and video website that lets you share funny greetings with friends. With JibJab's 'Starring You' videos, you can upload pictures of your friends and family ... Read More

Qik Mobile Video

Friday March 23, 2012
Like Skype? Try Qik. The Qik mobile app lets you record video to stream live to family and friends, or save the video to share later. You can also video ... Read More

MyPod Streaming Video

Thursday March 22, 2012
MyPod is a streaming video site that hand-picks all of its video content to guarantee a watchable online viewing-experience. From style to sports, MyPod has shows for everyone.

Poptent: Crowdsourced Video

Thursday March 22, 2012
Crowdsourcing is a strategy used by video competition sites such as Poptent that connects innovative producers with big brands. First, a company pitches a project to the 'crowd', and the ... Read More

Find Your YouTube Audience

Tuesday March 20, 2012
Do you ever wonder about those 1,000 viewers who saw your last YouTube video? Use YouTube analytics to find out more information about your viewers, and consider adjusting your content ... Read More


Monday March 19, 2012
Justin.tv lets you broadcast live video from your own customized channel. It's free to sign up, and Justin.tv is supported by an array of mobile devices and computers so you'll ... Read More

MIT, for Free

Sunday March 18, 2012
How would you like to attend MIT, for free, without having to meet any admissions requirements? It sounds like a dream, but MIT Open Courseware makes it real. The site ... Read More

Professional Streaming with Ustream

Saturday March 17, 2012
Ustream gives you a lot of options for creating a high-quality video livestreaming video. By using  Flash Media Live Encoder you can broadcast from an external video source like a ... Read More

Support Creative Projects with Kickstarter

Friday March 16, 2012
Whether you are alerted to Kickstarter by a friend's project, or just want to browse the site, Kickstarter.com is full of innovative projects that need funding. Backing a project with ... Read More

Voki Characters Online

Wednesday March 14, 2012
Give personal expression to your web site, blog, or Facebook page with a Voki character. Voki is an online tool for creating animated characters that communicate using your voice. Voki ... Read More

YouTube: It's all About the Network

Saturday March 10, 2012
When thinking about how to increase your YouTube Views, remember that YouTube is a collaborative viewing space. Find other people who are making videos similar to yours, and think about ... Read More

Animoto Videos

Friday March 9, 2012
Animoto.com compiles music, photos, videos and text into professional looking animated videos. It's free to sign up, and Animoto videos are easy to share, making it a great way to ... Read More

Stabilize the Shot

Wednesday March 7, 2012
To stabilize the shot when shooting handheld video, stabilize your body first. Keeping a wide stance, adjusting your grip according to the shooting angle, and tucking in your elbows are ... Read More

Is Your YouTube Channel Up to Date?

Monday March 5, 2012
All YouTube channels are about to be changed to the new design. If you haven't already switched over, there are lots of changes you'll want to make to be sure ... Read More

Don't Be Afraid to Share Your YouTube Videos

Sunday March 4, 2012
If you want to get a lot of views for your YouTube videos, you need to share them actively. Of course you'll promote them on your own social networks, but ... Read More

YouTube and Beyond

Friday March 2, 2012
Enhance your social media strategy by finding websites other than YouTube that address your topics of interest. Connect with the audiences that frequent these sites by sharing information and videos. ... Read More

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