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Windows Movie Maker: Importing Video
Importing media is the only way to have anything to work with in Windows Movie Maker. This video will teach you the important task of importing media in Movie ...
Learn to Import Video into Final Cut Pro 7 - Digital Video - About.com
This tutorial will cover the basics of importing video into Final Cut Pro 7. Digital media formats and devices vary widely, so this article covers the four easiest ...
Final Cut Pro: How to Import Footage Video
You can import and organize your footage into Final Cut Pro X using a few different options. Watch this how-to video from About.com to learn how to quickly and ...
Import Video to Windows Movie Maker from a Camcorder
How to import video into Movie Maker from a digital video camera.
Import Video Clips into Windows Movie Maker - Presentation Software
Free Windows Movie Maker tutorial on how to import video clips into Windows Movie Maker.
Final Cut Pro: How to Import and Use Images Video
Importing image files into Final Cut Pro X and using them within the program is easier than you may think. Watch this how-to video from About.com to see ...
Getting Started - How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From an ...
There are a number of options for importing video into iMovie '11. You can import video from a tape or tapeless camcorder, some DVD camcorders, or an iPhone ...
Import Photos into Photoshop - Graphics Software - About.com
Learn how to get started in Photoshop Elements by importing digital photo files from your files and folders or off of CDs. ... Video:Import Photos into Photoshop.
Import Video to iMovie From Computer - Digital Video - About.com
Video files saved on your computer can be imported into iMovie.
Importing Digital Files - Digital Video - About.com
Importing digital files is perhaps the easiest method of bringing footage into FCP. Whether the video files you want to import were originally shot on your iPhone, ...
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