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Windows Movie Maker: Importing Video
Importing media is the only way to have anything to work with in Windows Movie Maker. This video will teach you the important task of importing media in Movie ...
Import Video Footage From Your Computer
It's easy to import video footage from your computer into iMovie. Go to File > Import, which will open up a window allowing you to browse for your files. Select the ...
Import Video to Windows Movie Maker from a Camcorder
How to import video into Movie Maker from a digital video camera.
Import Video Clips into Windows Movie Maker - Presentation Software
Import a Video Clip into Windows Movie Maker. You can import a video clip into a brand new Windows Movie Maker project or add a video clip to an existing ...
Getting Started - How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From an ...
There are a number of options for importing video into iMovie '11. You can import video from a tape or tapeless camcorder, some DVD camcorders, or an iPhone ...
Getting Started - How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From a Tape ...
Importing video into iMovie '11 using a tape-based camcorder is easier than you might think. Our guide will walk you through the process.
Getting Started - How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 From Your Mac
In addition to importing video into iMovie '11 from a camcorder, iPhone, or iPod touch, you can also import video that you may have stored on your Mac.
Getting Started - How to Import Video Into iMovie '11 - Mac - About.com
The first step in creating a movie project in iMovie '11 is to import video. You can import video from many different sources. In this tutorial, we show you how to ...
Locate Video Clip to Import into Windows Movie Maker - Video Clips ...
Locate the Video Clip to Import. Once you have chosen to import a video clip in the previous step, you now need to locate the video clip saved on your computer.
Learn to Import Video into Final Cut Pro 7 - Digital Video - About.com
This tutorial will cover the basics of importing video into Final Cut Pro 7. Digital media formats and devices vary widely, so this article covers the four easiest ...
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