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Dvolver Online Animation


What is Dvolver MovieMaker:

Dvolver is an online software that allows you to make customized animated videos. According to Dvolver, "People have a lot to say, and they like to say it with animated characters." Dvolver is easy to use, free of charge, and you don't even need to sign up.

Getting Started With Dvolver:

Dvolver's website has a very simple layout. Right away you'll see a link to "Make a Movie," which is the first step toward your animated movie. As noted above, you don't even need to make an account before you start making your movie.

Making a Movie With Dvolver:

Begin by selecting the background and sky for your first scene. Each style has a fun description of the climate and culture of your chosen setting. Next, select a plot for your scene. "Rendez-vous," "pick-up," and "chase" are made for two characters, and "soliloquy" is made for one.

Then, choose the characters for your scene. There are more than 30 different characters to choose from, so this is a really great opportunity to customize your video for your desired recipients. Similar to the background and sky options, each character has a fun written profile. Characters include normal-looking folks, celebrities lookalikes, aliens, animals and more.

Once you've selected your characters and plot, you'll have the option of adding dialogue. Add up to three lines for each character. The dialogue will appear in a thought-bubble above the character's head in the finished movie.

Finally, select the music for your scene. By clicking on the options, you can preview the sound and its recommendations for use. After making your selection, you'll have the options to add a new scene, or to finish the movie. You can make up to three scenes for your Dvolver animation. By choosing the same styles and characters, your video will appear as a continuous scene. By creating new scenes, you can tell an entire story using the simple controls Dvolver provides.

The last step to making your movie is to select a style for your titles. During this step you can also add your name and the title of your choice. These will appear in the title sequence of your video.

Sharing Your Dvolver Animation:

Now you'll be able to show your Dvolver animation to friends. Dvolver allows you to send your animation through email, and also provides the code to embed your video in a blog post, website, Myspace page or Facebook profile. Whether you send your video to yourself or your friends, you'll need to provide both the recipient's email address and your email address before you have access to the embed code.

Devolver for Business:

Dvolver animations have been licensed by many different companies including Hyundai, Old Navy, and IBM. By clicking on the Contact link at the bottom of the page, you can inquire about using Dvolver for your commercial needs.

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