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Converting Video for the Web

Convert your videos so they can play on the web.

Top Compression Software
Compression software is essential for converting you videos to Flash (and other formats). The compression software listed here ranges from free, basic programs, to pricey applications that give you complete control over your video compression.

Video Settings for the Web
Adjusting your video settings will have a huge impact on the quality and the size of your web videos. Each video setting has a unique effect on your video. If you understand the impact of the various video settings you'll be able to get higher quality web videos. Understanding video settings will also help you troubleshoot and problem solve when you're having problems with your videos.

A Guide to Preparing and Uploading Video to Vimeo
Vimeo is a great tool for sharing video online. Check out this guide to learn how to prepare your videos for uploading to Vimeo.

VP9 - Google's Open Source and Royalty Free Video Codec
Learn about Google's new video codec VP9. The codec is open source, free to use for everyone, and the fastest way to stream online video.

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