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DVD Software & Authoring Tools

A guide to DVD software and hardware, so you can create and burn DVDs from your computer. Includes guides for purchasing DVD burners and DVD authoring software, and tutorials for authoring and burning your DVDs.
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Why Won't My DVDs Burn?
Why won't my DVDs burn? Here are four common causes or DVD burning errors and problems. Cheap DVDs, a dirty DVD drive, DVD burning speed, or an overworked computer could be to blame.

What Type of DVDs Should I Buy?
Confused about what type of DVDs you should buy? This guide will help you select the right DVDs from all the types and brands available.

Why Won't My Burned DVDs Play?
Your burned DVDs don't play? This checklist can help you figure out why your burned DVDs won't play.

Tools for Authoring and Burning DVDs
This article from Videomaker Magazine breaks down what you need to successfully author and burn DVDs. Find information about computer specs and software, different types of DVDs, disc duplicators and more.

DVD Guides, Forums and Downloads
This info-packed site offers tutorials, forums and downloads focused on all things DVD.

DVD Media Testing Guide
Have a disc that doesn't play as consistently as it should? This guide runs you through testing your DVDs to make sure the data is stored safely and the disc will play properly.

From DVD to Digital File with Handbrake Video Converter
Handbrake is a free, open source program that converts common multimedia file types and lets you rip DVDs and BluRay discs onto your computer. Keep reading to learn how to use Handbrake to meet your video production needs.

Burn a DVD With Roxio Toast
DVDs are a cost-effective way to share your video projects, home movies, and more. Learn how to burn a DVD at home with Roxio Toast authoring software.

Burn A BluRay With Roxio Toast
This profile will teach you how to burn a BluRay disc at home with Roxio Toast.

From DVD to Digital File with Handbrake Video Converter: Advanced Settings
Handbrake is a great video conversion program that lets you create digital files from DVDs and BluRay discs, as well as changing files from one format to another. Keep reading to learn about the Advanced Settings.

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