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Video Editing Tutorials

From the basic to the complex, these pages will help you master desktop editing. Learn how to edit audio and video clips, add special effects and titles, and much more.
  1. Adobe Premiere Tutorials (7)
  2. Final Cut Pro Tutorials (16)
  3. iMovie 10 Video Editing (7)
  4. iMovie Tutorials (24)

Worst Video Effects
What are the worst video effects that you see being used?

The Secrets of Professional Video Editing
Learn the secrets for professional video editing.

How to Add Effects To Your Movie Maker Movie
Tutorial for how to add, remove and work with effects in Window Movie Maker.

Before You Begin Editing Video on Your Computer
These are the steps you should take before you begin editing video on your computer. Be sure that your computer is ready before you start a project.

Rules for Video Editing
These are some classic rules of video editing, that you can use to greatly improve the quality of your edited videos.

Top 10 Video Editing Effects
10 video editing effects that should come with your software, and that you will find yourself using over and over to improve your movies.

Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial - Introduction to Editing Part One
This tutorial will introduce you to the tool panel in Premiere Pro CS6.

Get Live Video Help With Google Helpouts
Google Helpouts provide live video conferencing to help with a variety of activities. Use Google Helpouts to learn new sills, or share what you know.

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