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Edit Video Clips in iMovie


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Split or Crop Unusable Footage
Edit Video Clips in iMovie

Often, you will have a lot of video footage that is shaky, out of focus, or, for some other reason, unusable. It’s best to trash this footage so that it doesn’t clutter up your project.

There are two methods for separating the usable and unusable footage. You can split the clips (using the method outlined in step 1). This is the way to go if the part that you don’t want to use is at the beginning or end of clip.

If you only want to separate a piece of video in the middle of a clip from the rest of the scene, use the markers underneath the playhead. Drag these markers to highlight the portion of video that you want to isolate. The selected portion will be marked in yellow.

If you want to use only this selected portion, click Edit > Crop, or use the keyboard shortcut Apple + K. This will keep the portion of the clip highlighted in yellow, and delete the rest.

If you want to delete the portion highlighted in yellow and keep the rest of the clip, click delete. This will delete the yellow portion, and keep the parts before and after as separate clips.

NOTE: Any video that is deleted through either of the methods outlined in this step will disappear for good. It will not show up in the trash bin, and if you decide later that you want to use it, you will need to re-import it to the project.

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