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Desktop Video Equipment

Ready to start creating movies on your desktop? Make sure you have the right camcorder, computer, and connection cables. Find information and reviews to help in your purchases and upgrades of desktop video editing hardware.
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Equipment, Instructions and Ideas for Making Videos
Ready to make great videos? Learn about the equipment, tools and accessories you'll need to start making videos. Pick up tips for putting that equipment to use, so you can make videos that look and sound great. Get ideas and instructions for different types of video to make.

Digital Video Production Equipment

If you're new to digital video production, this article will help you get up to speed with the equipment that you need. Compared to old-fashioned filmmaking, digital video production is relatively simple. However, there are some standard pieces of digital video production equipment that are essential for every digital video project.

Buy a Camcorder Microphone
Learn about the different types of camcorder microphones, and how to choose the best one for your video productions.

Buy a Hard Drive
Things to think about before purchasing a hard drive, including speed, connection, size, portability and compatibility.

Buy a Video Editing Computer
Video editing computers range in price and features. These tips will help you pick out a video editing computer that fits your needs.

Choosing the Right PC
This questionnaire, from About Guide to PC Hardware, will help you find the PC that's right for video editing--and for all your other computer needs!

How to Install a Video Card in a Desktop PC
Video tutorial for how to install a video card in a desktop PC.

Video Tripod Guide
A video tripod is essential for professional shooting, but even hobby videographers benefit greatly from a good video tripod. Video tripods come in all shapes and sizes, and can cost anywhere from $10 to $1000. With this video tripod list I've tried to find something for everyone. So whether you're looking for something to hold your cell...

Video Bag Buyer's Guide
A good video bag will protect your gear, organize your accessories, and be easy and fun to carry around. If you're looking for a video bag, this buyer's guide will introduce you to the variety that's available. It includes some of our favorite video bags and carrying cases, and we've tried to include something for every level user and...

Tripod Reviews
Tripod Reviews. Get tripod reviews from a variety of videographers. Add your own tripod review and join the conversation.See submissions

Video Bag Reviews
Video Bag Reviews. Get video bag reviews from a variety of users and videographers. Add your own video bag reviews and join the conversation.

Video Microphone Reviews
Video Microphone Reviews. Get video microphone reviews from a variety of videographers and users. Add your own video microphone review and join the conversation.

External Hard Drive Reviews
External Hard Drive Reviews. Get external hard drive reviews from a variety of videographers and other users. Add your own external hard drive review and join the conversation.

Video Editing Computer Reviews
Video Editing Computer Reviews. Get video editing computer reviews from a variety of videographers and editors. Add your own video editing computer review and join the conversation.

Internet TV Device Reviews
Internet TV Device Reviews. Get internet TV device reviews from a variety of users. Add your own internet TV device review and join the conversation.

Video Gift Ideas
You don't need to understand the intricacies of video technology to pick out the perfect video gift for the aspiring movie maker in your life. With the video gift ideas on this list, you can encourage a passion for videography without breaking your budget. These video gifts are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, graduation or back to school!

Your Video Gifts
What are the best video gifts you've received? What video gifts are you hoping for this year? Video enthusiast speak out about the gifts they want.

Video Camera Microphones
Find microphones for every situation, including wired and wireless microphones for interviews and events.

DSLR Videography
DSLR videography for beginners. The pros and cons of using DSLR cameras for video production, as well as DSLR video alternatives.

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