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Reviews, comparisons and buying advice so you can pick the editing software that will work best for you.
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Givit - Store, Share and Edit Video for Free
With extensive, easy-to-use privacy and sharing controls, the Givit online video service is the perfect tool for selectively sharing your life's moments. Store, share and edit your videos all in one place!

Buy Video Editing Software
Suggested steps to take before buying video editing software, so you'll be sure to choose a video editing program that fits your budget and your needs.

Free Video Editing!
Whether you're editing on a PC, a Mac or on the web, there's free video editing software you can try.

Digital Video Software Deals
Digital video software can range from free to several thousand dollars. The digital video software programs included in this list retail for no more than a couple hundred dollars and are great for video hobbyists looking to expand their skills.

Top Picks for Pro Video Editing
Compare the top professional video editing programs to find the one with the right features, tools, and price point for you.

Online Video Editing
Discover the top sites for editing your videos right on the web.

Mac Video Editing Software
If you own a Mac and want to edit videos, check out these programs to find out which software will work best for you.

Video Editing Software for PCs
The most popular video editing software for PCs.

HD Video Editing Software
Most video editing programs support HD video. Just to be sure though, check this list to find the top HD video editing programs.

DVD Editing Software
DVD editing software is a great addition to any video editing program. The following software bundles make it easy to edit your videos and burn them to custom DVDs.

Cell Phone Video Editing Software
If you record cell phone video, you'll need a video editing software that can handle 3GP video, the format your cell phone records in. Not all video editing software is compatible with cell phone video, but the programs listed below will be able to edit your cell phone video.

WeVideo Online Video Editing
WeVideo is an online video editing software that lets you create and share videos using cloud storage.

Keek Microvideo Sharing App
Keek is quickly becoming the most-used microvideo sharing app. With thousands of Keek users and even more videos, it'll have you hooked in no time!

Tout Mobile App - Microvideo Status Updates
Tout is used by thousands of people to enhance social media by adding video and sound. With a simple interface and ample privacy controls, Tout is a great way to produce micro-video updates.

Klip Microvideo Sharing App
Klip mobile video is programmed to facilitate easy video sharing and seamless playback on any iOS mobile device.

Game Your Video - Mobile Video Editing Made Fun!
Game Your Video gives you a lot of options for shooting and producing videos on your iPhone. Use it to make goofy videos or just to have more compositional control when shooting mobile video.

Video Toolbox - Video Editor and File Converter
Video Toolbox is a simple resource for online editing, but its strength lies in file conversion. Use it to quickly convert files from the internet and make them compatible with any program or device.

Viddy Mobile Video Sharing App
Viddy lets you choose from hundreds of different production options to make beautiful micro videos. It's easy to share your work with friends and family, and to network with other video and photo enthusiasts. Learn more about it here!

Socialcam - Microvideo Sharing Made Simple
As far as microvideo apps go, Socialcam leads the way for versatility. It's available for both Android devices and iPhones, you can log on from any computer, and the user interface combines simplicity with fun visual and audio effects. Learn more about Socialcam here!

Vloggo Microvideo Blogging
Vloggo makes it simple to record and share short video updates for your video blog.

Video and Photo Apps For An Analog Look
If you miss analog photos and videos, these apps will bring back the old magic.

Super 8 Mobile Video App
The Super 8 mobile app turns your cell phone into a super 8 camcorder for some old-school movie-making fun.

Mobile Social Media: Choosing the Microvideo App For You!
Social video apps make it easy to create and share short status updates with video. Find the best microvideo app for you!

TiltShift Video Mobile App
With the TiltShift Video mobile app, you can achieve the Professional tilt-shift effect without breaking the bank. Read this article to learn more about Tiltshift Video for iOS Devices.

iSupr8 Mobile App
The iSupr8 mobile app is a great way to bring a familiar, home-movie style feel to the memories you capture with digital video. Compatible with iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iSupr8 combines portability with style without breaking the bank. Read this to find out more!

FCP 7 Tutorial - Sequence Settings, Part One

Vyclone Mobile App: Collaborative Movie Making
Shoot movies from multiple smart phones at once, and use Vyclone to make them into a collaborative video!

Threadlife Mobile App
Threadlife is an iOS app that lets you record a series of three-second video clips called 'stitches' which are automatically edited into a 'thread'. Then, you can collaborate with Threadlife friends to create a shared story. Keep reading to find out more!

Directr Mobile App for iOS: Quality Cell Phone Videos
Directr hopes to help mobile phone users create quality videos to share with family and friends. It does this by providing users with a set of video templates that resemble storyboards - this app makes cell phone video easy!

Vine for iOS: The Twitter of Video
Twitter's mobile app, Vine, lets users create video Tweets! With automatic sharing to Twitter, and a 6-second time limit, this app will have you hooked.

All About MPEG Streamclip Part 1: Compressing and Exporting Videos
MPEG Streamclip is a program with all of the features you need to compress and convert your video projects. Read this article to learn all about using MPEG Streamclip.

All About MPEG Streamclip Part 3: Editing, Cropping and Scaling Videos
MPEG Streamclip is a great program for compressing and converting your video projects. Part 3 of this series teaches you to edit, crop and scale videos with MPEG Streamclip.

All About MPEG Streamclip Part 2: Stream Info, Audio and Stills
MPEG Streamclip is an awesome tool for converting, compressing and editing videos. Check out this article to learn how to work with stream info, audio, and stills in MPEG Streamclip.

Wondershare Video Editor for Mac and Windows
Wondershare Video Editor is a simple, cost-effective tool for editing videos on your personal computer. Keep reading to find out if it's the video editor for you!

Magisto - Easy Video Editing in the Cloud
Magisto is a great video editing tool for making fun videos to share with family and friends. Magisto has a partnership with Google Drive so you can use any of the videos you have stored in your Drive space to create a Magisto video. Keep reading to get started!

Google Drive and Google Play: Edit, Store, and Share Video in the Cloud
When it comes to using video in the cloud, Google is ahead of the curve with ways to watch, edit, and share video online. It lets you rent and buy movies and music with Google Play, and also lets you edit video online with Pixorial, Magisto and WeVideo. Keep reading to learn more.

Movavi Video Converter for Windows and iOS
A video converter that lets you import from DVDs and convert between various formats and codecs.

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