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Tout Mobile App - Microvideo Status Updates


From Ryan Seacrest and Shaquille O'Neill to the average Facebook user, Tout is used by thousands of people to enhance social media by adding video and sound. With a simple interface and ample privacy controls, Tout is a great opportunity to try out micro-video updates.

Overview of Tout:

Tout is a mobile application that lets users make short video status updates on the go. Available for both the iOS and Android, Tout is a simple and entertaining way to enhance your social media experience. It's a free application, and by searching for friends through your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you'll be hooked into the Tout community in no time.

Getting Started With Tout:

To get started with Tout, you'll need to download the mobile application from the Tout website or the App Store. Although you can use Tout on your computer, its full potential as a status update application lies in the mobile application. To start Touting you'll need to create a new user account by creating a username and password. Once you've logged in, you'll be prompted to 'Find Friends' by searching for new users by linking your other social media accounts, or by searching the Tout network.

Whether you find friends right away or bypass this step, the best way to become familiar with Tout is to start Touting!

Recording Touts:

To start Touting, simply click on the 'Tout' button at the bottom of the screen. You'll be able to record a video on the spot with the camera on your mobile device, or you can Tout by uploading any of the pre-recorded videos in your video library. Each Tout you make is limited to 15 seconds, so it's good to know what you want to say before you start recording. Once you're finished, you can add text to your Tout, and add a location or a topic. You'll also be able to share your Tout as a Facebook status update, a Tweet, or send it in a text message or email. Check out the lock icon on this screen - this lets you mark your Tout as public or private, which determines the visibility of your video, and whether or not it appears publicly on your user profile.

Click submit when you're finished, and your Tout will be sent to the video queue. Your video queue displays the list of Touts you've recorded, and lets you save or delete them, and upload them to the Internet to make the Tout official. There's also an option on this page to toggle between automatic and manual uploading, so that you can control when your Touts appear.

Browsing Touts:

Like Twitter, Tout lets you follow users you like, and lets other users follow you. The Touts of the users you follow will show up in your feed when you log on, but you also have the option to browse Touts by keyword, and username. Tout also organizes videos into four main categories: Popular, Following, Today's, and Trending Topics. Since Tout is all about integrating video with status updates, the different Touts are represented by still images with an icon that lets you know if the Tout has been commented on. This makes for a really fun browsing experience.

To respond to a Tout, you can comment with text, respond with your own Tout, or simply 'like' it. You can also share the Tout via Facebook, Twitter, text message, or email. One of the really awesome features of Tout is the 'Retout' option. This lets you post your favorite Touts to your own feed by Touting them again. This will show the video to all of your followers who can also Retout the video if they like it. With a little bit of Retouting, there's a good chance that the video will go viral.

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