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Vyclone Mobile App: Collaborative Movie Making


Overview of Vyclone:

Have you ever attended a sporting event, graduation ceremony or wedding reception where everyone is shooting smartphone video of the same scene? Now with the Vyclone mobile app you can combine video from several different smartphones to create one video. Whether you and your friends choose to shoot a multi-angle movie or you just want to show an event from different perspectives, the Vyclone iOS a fun addition to the world of mobile video.

Getting Started With Vyclone:

Vyclone is free to download from the iOS app store. Once you've got the app, you can either sign in with Facebook or create a Vyclone account with a valid email address and password. Vyclone will then prompt you to find friends using Facebook to facilitate group videos. Also, make sure you have location settings enabled for the Vyclone app, because the app's algorithm uses these settings to properly construct the video.

Shoot A Movie With Vyclone:

To shoot a movie, hit the red record button. This will load the camera viewer. You'll have access to basic shooting options such as toggling the flash on and off, shooting with the camera on the front or back of your iPhone, and choosing cool video filters to make your video stand out. Vyclone videos are limited to 60 seconds - the perfect amount of time to make a multi-angle movie.

Once you hit record, you'll see an icon that says 'searching' on the screen. This means that Vyclone is searching for other users nearby who are also recording with the app. Once you're done recording, you can tag the video, and add comments and hashtags in the comments section. If you're happy with your clip, go ahead and upload it. It will appear under 'my stuff' as a video clip, and Vyclone will automatically detect other videos shot in the same location, and edit a video with all of the clips. When the movie's done, it will be sent back to you. If you don't like the video that Vyclone made, you can always mix your own version of the video using all of the different angles.

To remix a video click on the movie info page, and select the orange remix button. Vyclone has a few remix presets, such as fast and slow edit, and surprise me! If you want to make your own edit of the movie, open the Editor, and use the simple click-and-drag controls to make a movie of your liking.

Watching Videos With Vyclone:

Like other social video applications, Vyclone includes a platform for watching and posting video made with the app. You can browse videos based on popularity, or search for specific users. Another cool feature is the 'nearby' tab, which lets you know if there have been any Vyclone videos shot in your neighborhood.

The Vyclone mobile app harnesses the crowd-power of social video to create fun, collaborative movies that are more interesting than one smartphone could do alone. Check out Vyclone for some iPhone fun!

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