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Digital Video Software

Video Software that Fits Your Skills and Budget


Digital video software can range from free to several thousand dollars. The digital video software programs included in this list retail for no more than a couple hundred dollars and are great for video hobbyists looking to expand their skills.

1. Adobe Video Software

Adobe Premiere Elements is the intermediate software in the Adobe Premiere line.  It is a powerful and easy to use, yet stripped down, version on Premiere Pro, and even includes Photoshop elements, a basic version of the photo editing software.

2. Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudiois a lot of software for a little money.  Designed for PCs, Corel VideoStudio comes in three versions.  Each offers multi-track HD editing, professional templates, and a wide range of options for exporting edited videos.  

3. Nero Software

Nero software is an easy and affordable way to edit videos.  Nero software includes basic editing tools, transitions, effects and the ability to export movies in a variety of formats, including to DVD.

4. Pinnacle Digital Video Software

Pinnacle is the consumer video editing sotware line of Avid, which is the top-of-the-line in professional video editing software.  You can take Pinnacle for a spin, so to speak, by trying out the free version - Pinnacle Spin.  If you like the feel of that, consider upgrading to one of the Pinnacle Studio digital video programs.

5. Sony Vegas Digital Video Software

Sony Vegas offers a line of digital video software, from the basic Vegas Movie Studio HD to the high-end Vegas Pro.  All of the programs offer editing, effects and exporting.  And, Sony Vegas is quite affordable - even Vegas Pro is less than many other professional grade editing programs.

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