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DVD Editing Software

Editing Software With DVD Authoring Included


DVD editing software is a great addition to any video editing program. The following software bundles make it easy to edit your videos and burn them to custom DVDs.

Adobe Premiere Elements

With Adobe Premiere Elements you can edit videos and photos, and then burn everything to DVD.

Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio is designed for quick and easy editing - but it's not short on features.  Even with the most basic program you can incorporate titles and templates into your videos and export everything to DVD or the web.


As part of the iLife package, you get both iMovie and iDVD.  The two programs integrate easily for authoring and burning DVDs.

Nero Software

Nero software is designed to let you edit and organize your media, on your computer and on DVDs.

Pinnacle Studio HD

Pinnacle Studio HD lets you burn your edited videos to DVD, but if you want to burn Blu-Ray disks, you'll need to spring for Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum is an affordable editing program that includes DVD and Blu-Ray authoring.  

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