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FCP 7 Tutorial - Using Stills


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Adjusting Still Duration In User Preferences
FCP 7 Tutorial - Using Stills
Another handy tool is using the User Preferences feature to adjust the duration of your stills before you import them. This is especially helpful if you are importing a whole batch of stills that will all appear in your movie for the same amount of time. First, go to Final Cut Pro > User Preferences. Then, navigate to the editing tab and check out the Still/Freeze Duration box. The default setting for FCP 7 is ten seconds, meaning every time you import a still, the FCP 7 will turn it into a ten-second long clip.

If you're importing stills for stop-motion animation, the stills will need to be six frames in duration at the most. If you're using stills for a documentary, you'll want to keep your still duration in the 10 to 15 second range to allow for ample explanation of the characters or scene depicted by the photograph.

Now that you've learned a few tips and tricks about working with stills in FCP 7, you're ready for the next tutorial, which will teach you how to animate and add movement to your stills!.

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