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How To Videotape Virtual Tours for the Web


Online virtual tours are perfect for Realtors, hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions and anyone who wants to show off a space. It's easy to videotape a virtual tour and post it on your web site.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 1 hour

Here's How:

  1. Stage the virtual tour area.

    A few decorative touches can help make your property look its best in the online virtual tour. Make sure that all rooms are clean, and that any clutter is hidden. Adding a few flowers or a picture on the wall can also increase the appeal of a virtual tour.

  2. Light the virtual tour space.

    Plenty of lighting improves the look of your virtual tour. Do the videotaping during the day, and turn on as many lights as possible.

  3. Set up your virtual tour shots.

    You want to videotape your virtual tour with your camcorder on a tripod in order to get a smooth, steady shot. Set up either in a corner, so you can get a wide view of the room, or in the center so you can do a 360-degree pan.

  4. Keep the virtual tour slow.

    When you are shooting the virtual tour keep the camera moving slowly. A smooth, slow shot will allow viewers to really appreciate what they're seeing on the tour. A quick, jittery shot, on the other hand, can leave viewers feeling queasy.

  5. Edit the virtual tour.

    Once you have videotaped all of the sections of your virtual tour, it's time to edit your virtual tour. Editing doesn't need to be complicated, and can be done with simple, free video editing software. Just add a title to the beginning, and use simple transitions, like fades, between each of the parts of the virtual tour. To enhance the mood of the virtual tour, add some royalty-free music.

  6. Post the virtual tour online.

    Depending on its purpose, you may want to upload your virtual tour to a personal web site, or use one or more of the many video sharing sites out there for free distribution. If you want the virtual tour to show up in search results, be sure to use these video SEO tips.

What You Need

  • Video camera
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • High-speed internet connection
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