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Online Video Contests - Win Money and Prizes With Online Video

There are lots of opportunities to win money, prizes and fame with your videos. Find out about online film festivals, ongoing video contests, and requests for video submissions.

Appbackr - Crowdfunding For Mobile Apps
Appbackr brings crowdfunding to mobile app development. Find out how to use Appbackr to raise the money you need for you app!

Popular Videos Earn Cash From Atom Films
Upload viral videos to Atoms Films, and you'll have the chance to earn money.

Win Monthly Prizes in the Our Stage Video Contest
The Our Stage ongoing video contest awards monthly cash prizes for hte best videos uploaded to the web site.

Win Cash Prizes for Video From FameCast
The Famecast online video competition offers cash prizes for videos. Upload videos to Famecast for the chance to win money and fame.

Win a Feature Film Deal From Filmaka
Filmaka is looking for undiscovered filmmakers. Win cash prizes and a feature film deal from Filmaka.

Become a Paid Video Producer for Current TV
Current TV pays video producers for videos. Submit videos to Current TV to earn money.

Online Video Contests - Win Money and Prizes
Online video contests where you can win prizes and money.

Win Stuff on Stupidvideos.com
A collection of contests and promotions, where you can win prizes for making or watching stupid videos.

Current TV Call For Submissions
Current TV is always accepting short, nonfiction videos (they call them "pods"). If other people on the site like your video, they'll "greenlight" it for TV--and for payment.

Submit to AtomFilms
AtomFilms is unlike other video web sites in that it will only post the best submissions. This is good for viewers, who won't get bogged down watching lousy videos. And it's good for video makers, who can actually receive a profit for their projects. Submit your short film now, and if AtomFilms chooses to feature it on their site you'll get paid royalties!

Break.com: Money and Prizes for Your Videos
Break.com is looking for all types of videos, from "produced" projects to "stunts, wipeouts, accidents, great moments, pranks, animals in the wild, webcam, dances, funny pets, sporting events, and pretty much anything else." If they like your submission and post it on they're homepage, you're in the money!

Video Contests and Promotions
Submit your video contests for promotion on About.com! See submissions

Poptent Crowdsourced Video Production
Poptent connects artists and filmmakers with big brands to create innovative ads and commercials. It's a great way for amateur media makers to get professional experience.

Kickstarter - Fundraising for Creative Projects
Learn more about Kickstarter to start fundraising for your documentary or video project, or get inspired by browsing the thousands of projects featured on the site.

Demand Media - Freelancing for Filmmakers and Writers
Filmmakers looking for freelance opportunities, or businesses that needs social media content, should look into working with Demand Media.

Tongal Collaborative Filmmaking Online
Tongal matches brands with a diverse array of creative producers. You can contribute to all levels of the creative process, from idea development to production and distribution.

Get Paid To Write, Direct and Review With Amazon Studios
Amazon joins the crowd-sourcing craze with Amazon Studios, a website that provides opportunities for screenwriters, filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to get paid for collaborative filmmaking. Learn more about Amazon Studios here.

Fund Your Film with Indiegogo
Indiegogo is a crowdfunding platform that can help you raise the funds you need to make your film. With both flexible and fixed funding, Indiegogo gives you the option to keep the money you raise regardless of your fundraising goal.

Gambitious Crowdfunding Platform for Games
Gambitious is a crowdfunding platform devoted specifically to the gaming industry - the first of its kind! Whether you're a game developer or suppporter of the gaming industry, check out Gambitious to get involved with creative projects and to have your finger on the pulse of game development.

Fund Your Creative Project With RocketHub
RocketHub lets you design a project proposal and spread the word among friends, family, and 'fuelers' to bring it to life. Read on to fund your next project with Rockethub!

Crowdfunding for Creative Projects: Choosing the Platform for You!
Crowdfunding for Creative Projects: Choosing the Platform for You!

Patreon: Crowdfunding For Video Makers and Content Creators
Patreon is a crowdfunding platform designed for creators that release content in series, such as web videos, tutorials, and vlogs.

Money for Your Online Videos
Tools, tips and ideas for earning money and building a career in video production.

Video Contest Tips
Should I enter that video contest? Questions to ask before you start making a video for an online contest.

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