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Fund Your Creative Project With RocketHub


Overview of RocketHub:

RocketHub is a fundraising platform for all types of creative projects, from filmmaking to philanthropy. RocketHub lets you design a project proposal and spread the word among friends, family, and 'fuelers' to bring it to life. A great thing about the RocketHub crowdfunding platform is that it blends the all-or-nothing and keep-it-all funding structures of other sites with a mixed-fee system. RocketHub is an essential resource for creators of all kinds, so whether you have a mini series in pre-production or a video that needs publicity, RocketHub is worth checking out.

RocketHub Creatives: Getting Funded:

To sign up with RocketHub, you can log in with Facebook or create a new account. After you're signed up, you can start launching your creative project!

To launch a project, you'll need to provide all the basics such as a title, project category, and three emotions that relate to your project. Next, you'll need to provide specific project details. Next, and perhaps most important, you'll need to create a financial goal and time limit. Your time limit can be between two weeks and three months, but keep in mind that higher your fundraising goal, the more time you'll need to reach it. In addition, think about your fan base and potential audience when considering your fundraising goal. The RocketHub funding system encourages creatives to set realistic goals. You get to keep all the money you raise, but RocketHub cuts the fees from 8% to 4% if you reach your goal, and also gives you access to publicity opportunities. Last but not least, it will look good to your backers if you reach your financial goal - no matter how big or small. Funders want to make solid investments, and people want to be involved in successful projects. Being able to say you reached your goal will boost the energy and professionalism of your project.

The next essential step in launching your project is providing multimedia to let your backers know what the project is all about. Creative projects that include a promotional video in their pitch are twice as likely to succeed. Whether or not you're raising money for a film or video project, create a video to give a backstory about how your project got started and the people involved.

Last but not least, you'll need to establish the rewards that your backers will receive once the project is completed. A common strategy is to use a tier system that provides bigger perks for bigger contributions. These perks can include anything from complimentary posters and DVDs to a production credit in the final project.

Fuel a RocketHub Project:

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the creative process whether or not you're a creator. The most obvious is to browse the multitude of ingenious and imaginative projects on the RocketHub website, and to give a contribution. Don't have extra funds to spare? Support a project by 'liking' it on Facebook or by spreading the word to family and friends. In addition, RocketHub offers its own site-specific currency called RocketFuel. You can earn RocketFuel by participating in different endeavors on the site, or by purchasing a set amount. RocketFuel is part of your user account, and can be used to make contributions to creative projects on the site.

RocketHub Launchpad Opportunities:

RocketHub has ongoing opportunities for creatives that make up the Launchpad section of the site. These are different competitions organized by RocketFuel that allow creatives to work on their goals with industry professionals. The competitions are decided through a combination of Facebook 'likes', guest judges, and the RocketHub A&R team. It's free to sign up for RocketHub members who have successfully funded a project, but there is a small competition fee for new RocketHub users which varies by competition.

Pricing and Fees:

As mentioned above, RocketHub uses an "All and More" crowdfunding fee structure. If you reach your fundraising goal, you'll pay a 4% fee to RocketHub plus a 4% transaction fee for credit card processing. If you don't reach your fundraising goal, you'll pay an 8% fee to RocketHub in addition to the 4% transaction fee. When it's all said and done, successful projects pay 8% in fees, and unsuccessful projects pay 12%, but get to keep the funds they raised.

All prices as of October 2012.

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