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Video Sharing Web Sites

There are many video sharing web sites that allow you to upload your videos and share them with the world. Here you can read profiles and reviews of different video sharing web sites, and learn how to access and use these video sharing tools.
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Givit - Store, Share and Edit Video for Free
With extensive, easy-to-use privacy and sharing controls, the Givit online video service is the perfect tool for selectively sharing your life's moments. Store, share and edit your videos all in one place!

Select a Web Video Hosting Service - Other Features to Consider
Choosing a web video hosting service can be complicated. Here are some factors to consider when you're looking for a web video host.

Choose a Video Website
Video websites offer a variety of features. When you're looking for a video website to upload your content, you'll want to consider technical features and more. This article will help you find the best video website for your content.

Video Apps

Looking for the top video apps for your phone?  These apps make it easier for you to record, share, find and watch video through your cell phone.  And best of all, many of these great video apps are free!

Publicly Distribute Your Movie
You can end up in legal trouble if you distribute a video that contains copyrighted content. Here are some things to check for to ensure that you have the legal right to use everything that's in your video.

Upload Videos to YouTube, Yahoo, MySpace and More Through Tubemogul
Tubemogul.com makes it easy to upload videos to multiple sites. One-click upload to YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo, MySpace, etc, through Tubemogul.com.

How Do I Post My Video On iTunes?
Learn how to post your video podcast on the iTunes store so others can find and download your video podcast.

Video Sharing Web Sites - Share Your Videos Online
Find out about the different video sharing web sites available for uploading and sharing your videos.

Select a Web Video Hosting Service - Technical Features to Consider
Before uploading your video to a web video hosting service, make sure that the web video hosting site offers the technical features that you'll need.

Photo and Video Sharing Websites - Upload Your Photos and Videos In One Place
Find out about different video and photo sharing websites that are available for uploading videos and photos to the web.

Free Video Sharing Websites That Pay
Find out about the different video sharing websites that will pay you for your work.

Live Video Streaming Sites
Live video streaming from your camcorder, computer or phone is easy and free. Just sign up for one of these live video streaming services and you're ready to start broadcasting.

Vimeo Tips and Tricks
Vimeo tips and tricks. Learn about how to use Vimeo and its unique features for sharing web videos.

Create exciting, user-friendly streaming video content for your website with...
Create exciting, user-friendly streaming video content for your website with Flixmaster.

Vilynx - Watch and Share Videos Anywhere
Vilynx lets you create a library of all of your video content by linking your cloud storage accounts, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and YouTube. Sound useful? Keep reading to get started with Vilynx.

Dropbox Cloud Storage Service for Video
Dropbox is an online cloud storage service that lets you store and share files on the internet. Keep reading to learn more about one of the most popular cloud storage services on the web.

Amazon Cloud Drive: Store and Share Your Video Files
Amazon Cloud Drive is a cloud storage service that lets you upload your files so that you can store and share them online. If you've got an Amazon account, you've got Cloud Drive.

Microsoft SkyDrive: Store Your Video Files in the Cloud
Microsoft SkyDrive's specifically accommodates the Microsoft OS. It's the only cloud storage service that has an app for Windows phones, and offers complete integration with Microsoft Office.

Spreecast Social Video Platform Desktop and Mobile App
Spreecast is a social video platform that lets you connect with people online through live streaming video.

Send Video Text Messages with MessageMe App for Android and iOS
MessageMe is an app for Android and iOS mobile devices that lets you send rich media texts to your friends.

Share and Watch Videos with Videogram for iOS - The Instagram of Video
Videogram is a website and mobile application that lets you create a picture-summary of your videos to share with family and friends.

Social Video With Instagram
Instagram, the popular social photo app, also lets users take short video updates to share with friends. This overview will tell you all about using Instagram video on your mobile device.

Broadcast and Watch Original Web Series With Blip

SnapChat Video Messaging App for Android and iOS
Snapchat is a video messaging mobile app that lets you share moments with family and friends using pictures and short video clips.

Clowdy Media Sharing Platform
Clowdy is a new platform for sharing videos, music and photos - all in one place. Learn more about using Clowdy for watching and sharing media online.

Google Hangouts: Connect With Video
Google Hangouts offers lots of tools for video conferencing for fun or business.

inCrowd App
The inCrowd App lets you invite others to share all of their photos and videos in your collection so that all of the media from and event is available to everyone.

Twitch Video Game Streaming
Twitch.tv is a video game streaming site for watching live and archived games and tournaments. It's the online hub for videos about video games.

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