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Putting Video on Your Web Site

Learn how to add videos to your web site. Find reviews of compression software, technical information, tutorials, and guidelines for embedding other people's videos.
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Why Does My Streaming Video Look So Ugly?
Troubled by ugly video playback? Find out why your streaming video looks so ugly, and how you can fix it.

Web Video Players
These web video players make it easy to add video to your website without using an intermediary hosting and streaming site. With these web video players you can customize all aspects of your online videos, including the look of the video player and the playback behavior.

Wimpy Video Players Have Strength
Wimply FLV Player, a free desktop Flash player for Windows or Macs, also offers affordable online FLV players for your website. The two players, Rave (for multiple files) and Wasp (for single files), make it easy to put customized videos on your website. They offer unique tools and interfaces that allow beginners and non-programmers to get creative.

Flowplayer Is Not Built for Beginners
Flowplayer is an open-source video player you can use to embed video streams on your website. Flowplayer is very adaptable - with a variety of customizations and special plug-ins available in even the free version. Unfortunately, to take advantage of all that Flowplayer has to offer, you'll need to feel comfortable with web programming language.

FLV Player is Free and Easy - Sort Of
If you want a very simple Flash player to install on your website, FLV Player offers a free version that's as easy to use as any you'll find. But the professional version of FLV Player, which you'll need to purchase for commercial content or customization, is not so straightforward. It requires an understanding of Flash and a basic level of programming knowledge.

How to Get Flash Video on Your Website
How to Get Flash Video on Your Website - Learn how to get Flash video converted, embedded and streaming on your website, using free tools and software.

How to Put Video on a Website
Video on websites is a common practice, for everyone from mommy bloggers to Fortune 500 companies. There are several methods for putting video on websites, which are described in this article.

JW Player Simplifies Flash Video
JW Player is an easy-to-use FLV player for adding flash videos to your website.

Videos Online Made Easy
This is your guide to accessing videos online. Whether you want to put your videos online, watch your favorite television shows on the web, or find the funniest viral videos, this guide will help you with everything you need to know about videos online.

Upload a Video to the Web
Uploading a video to the web is easy when you're prepared. Learn what you need to know before you upload a video to the web

Video Hosting Solutions
How do you handle the hosting and streaming of your video content? Desktop Video readers weigh with their video hosting solutions

Content Delivery Networks
If you're going to be streaming a lot of video, you'll need a content delivery network. There are many out there; here are the top choices.

What's the Best Video Length for the Web?
What's the best video length for the web? Some people will tell you web video length should never be more than 3 minutes, but I disagree. The best video length for the web actually depends on many factors, including content, audience and bandwidth.

Video SEO Tips
Video SEO will increase your audience by making your videos easier to find online. These video SEO tips are easy to apply to any online video, and will improve your videos' results in online searches.

Tips for Making a Viral Video
Making a viral video is a little about talent and a lot about luck. While there's no surefire formula for making a viral video, these tips will help increase the chances that your next video goes viral.

Shooting Video for the Web
Tips to use when shooting video so that it is easier to compress and view online.

Video to the Web Tutorial
This handy tutorial walks you through the steps necessary for posting your videos online.

FTP Questions? Look Here
If you're having trouble loading video onto your website via an FTP connection, this page may have the answers you need.

It's Active Helps Put Your Videos Online
This site takes the video you shoot and prepares it for online viewing. Different packages and prices are available depending on the type of video you have, including home video, real estate tours, and online auction videos.

Share Your Videos with .Mac
If you use an Apple, .Mac makes it easy to share your videos and other media online.

Akamai Content Delivery Network
Akamai is an industry expert in content delivery from customized web applications to streaming video. Read more to find out if Akamai is the CDN for you.

Dailymotion Cloud Video Solution
Dailymotion Cloud is a turnkey online video solution for bloggers, web developers, and content producers. With a friendly user interface and pricing scale based on viewer hours, Dailymotion is a cost-effective solution for your streaming video needs!

Internet Broadcasting with Onstream Media
Onstream Media is a powerful content delivery network that can support all of your streaming media needs. With an extensive infrastructure capable of delivering lag-free content to your customers, Onstream Media is a professional solution for media storage, media preparation, and media streaming.

Edgecast Content Delivery Network
Edgecast is a powerful solution for large companies that need to move a lot of data. If you're looking at creating a contract with Edgecast you're probably a big brand company with thousands of clients and rich-media needs.

Top Blogging Platforms for Video
This overview will give you a brief run-down on the best blogging platforms for video.

Using Video On Your Wordpress Blog
Discover the ins and outs of using video on your WordPress blog with this overview.

Blogger: Using Video on Your Blog
Learn how to use Google's blogging platform, Blogger, to share post and share video.

Using Video on Your Weebly Website
Weebly lets you create professional websites for free. Read this review to learn how to use video on your Weebly site.

Jux Blogging Platform: Showcase Your Videoa and Photos
Jux is a new blogging platform for media-rich posting with style. Check out this overview to learn how to use Jux to showcase your work.

Blog.com: Using Video on Your Blog
Blog.com is a free blogging platform that offers all the features most users need. Check out this article to learn how to use video on your Blog.com site.

A Guide to Preparing and Uploading Video to Vimeo
Vimeo is a great tool for sharing video online. Check out this guide to learn how to prepare your videos for uploading to Vimeo.

Sparkologee: Turn Key Video for Business Marketing
Consisting of a simple template that includes space for branding, video, surveys, document downloads and comments, Spakologee is a great solution for communicating within your company and beyond. Learn about Sparkologee from this overview.

Manage Your Video in the Cloud with Otixo
Otixo is a cloud storage manager that lets you view all of your videos in one place. If you use several cloud platforms to store video, Otixo can help you organize your files.

Cloud Storage for Video: An Overview
This overview will give you a comparison of the major services, the features they offer, and how they handle video in the cloud.

User-Generated Content
A guide to user-generated content - what it is, and how it can work for you. Get tips for acquiring, hosting and sharing user-generated content (UGC).

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