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Edgecast Content Delivery Network



Edgecast is a top-of-the-line content delivery network that serves some of the biggest names on the web. With customers such as LinkedIn, Wordpress, Tumblr, and Soundcloud, Edgecast is a powerful solution for large companies that need to move a lot of data. Edgecast isn't a CDN for consumers -  if you're looking at creating a contract with Edgecast you're probably a big brand company with thousands of clients and rich-media needs.

The Edgecast Global Network:

Edgecast prides itself on its global network, as any good CDN should. According to Edgecast, they rank in the top 5 fastest CDNs world-wide. Edgecast has points of presence, or POPs, on five different continents, and built an infrastructure that's suited to contemporary multimedia. Unlike CDNs of the past that relied on many different servers in many locations, Edgecast uses a smaller number of powerful servers at key exchange locations worldwide. These SuperPOPs ensure that Edgecast's customers can deliver media-rich data to their customers no matter where they're located.

Edgecast for Media and Entertainment:

Edgecast puts its services to use for top media companies such as IMAX, Imgur, and Gawker, so you can rest assured that its network can handle heavy duty tasks. If you deliver streaming media content to a wide audience, you're going to need a private content delivery network to prevent glitches and buffer time for your audience. Because Edgecast has POPs in the world's biggest cities, it can deliver content to users worldwide much faster than the public internet alone.

Edgecast also provides its customers with top-notch security services. These security features allow you to maintain your brand's integrity by restricting access to stay with your licensing agreement, preventing media piracy, and customizing your rules for content delivery. In addition, Edgecast's patented Download Manager lets you deliver files to any device safely and securely, on your terms. Last but not least, Edgecast comes equipped with analytics that let you gain insight into your audience so you can tailor your media to their needs.

Edgecast Streaming for Live and On-Demand Events:

Successfully livestraming an event takes a flawless strategy combined with a powerful CDN to deliver the feed to customers worldwide. With its twenty points of presence situated all around the world, Edgecast makes sure that your customers can access the live feed of your event with as little lag time as possible. Edgecast offers livestreaming players that use HTML5, Windows Media, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming -all with HD picture and sound. In addition, Edgecast has a powerful analytics package that lets you manage content delivery both during and after the event. These analytics are essential to keeping your viewership happy, because the more you know about the location of your viewers, the faster you can deliver them quality content.

Edgecast Carrier Parners:

To give you an idea of the level and strength of Edgecast as a CDN, look no further than its communication carrier partner program. Edgecast offers up its content delivery services to carrier companies so that carriers don't have to spend valuable time and resources building their own CDNs. This means that companies like TMobile and PACNET have teamed up with Edgecast and can lease its CDN services to its customers. Carriers can partner with Edgecast at several different levels depending on their content needs, from putting an Edgecast CDN on their own infrastructure to using Edgecast solely as a technology vendor.

Edgecast doesn't publicly advertise pricing and plans, but operates on a case-by-case basis. If you're interested in contacting Edgecast regarding the services mentioned above, contact Edgecast to create a package that fits your company's needs.

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