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Top Compression Software

Compression Software for Converting Videos to Flash


Compression software is essential for converting you videos to Flash (and other formats). The compression software listed here ranges from free, basic programs, to pricey applications that give you complete control over your video compression.

1. Sorenson Squeeze Video Compression Software

This is the top video compression software, and it's what I use for converting and compressing videos that I produce. Sorenson Squeeze offers a variety of video compression formats, from Flash to Quicktime to WMV. It also offers a variety settings like screen size and bps, which you can use to adjust the video compression and get the best quality video file at the smallest size.

2. Stoik Video Converter Video Compression Software

The Stoik video converter comes in two version - free and pro. With the free version you can quickly do basic video compression. Upgrade to the pro version, and you'll get editing features and video filters to go with the video compression software.

3. Prism Video Compression Software

Prism Plus Video Converter is video compression software for Windows and Macs. With Prism, you can convert your videos into Flash and other formats, but you won't get as many options for adjusting settings as you will with Squeeze video compression software.

4. Compression Master Video Compression Software

Compression Master is video compression software for Macs. You can try out the program for free, but if you like the features and want to keep using Compression Master, you'll have to pay for a full license, which is pricey ($495).

5. SWiSH Video Compression Software

SWiSH video compression software is a low-cost solution for video producers who only need to convert their projects to Flash. Import nearly any format video to SWiSH, and you'll get back a high-quality FLV file. Lots of the settings in SWiSH are adjustable, and the program even lets you build customized video players for your Flash files. SWiSH is free to try, $49.95 to buy.

6. Blaze Media Pro Video Compression Software

Blaze Media Pro is much more than just video compression software. Calling itself a "powerful, all-in-one media tool," Blaze can be used for editing, converting and burning video and audio files.

7. Digital Video Converter Video Compression Software

Digital Video Converter is Windows software that accepts most video file types, and offers a variety of output formats. This video compression software allows you to adjust settings and works with audio files and DVDs. The free trial allows you to check out all of Digital Video Converter's features before purchasing.

8. Videozilla Video Compression Software

Videozilla is another Windows-based video compression software. Like other video compression software programs listed here, Videozilla offers multiple options for video input and output formats, as well adjustable settings for tweaking your compressed file. You can download a free trial of Videozilla before purchasing.

9. Riva FLV Encoder Video Compression Softwaer

The Riva FLV Encoder is very basic video compression software that will quickly and easily convert your video files to Flash for online streaming. It's free, so don't expect a lot of custom settings, but if all you want is a Flash conversion, Riva will get the job done.
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