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Look here for advice and instructions for taping and editing better home videos. You'll find start-to-finish directions for making specific video projects, as well as quick tips to use for any production.
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How to Produce a Newscast
Learn how to produce a newscast that informs and enlightens. This guide covers planning, production and promotion of online news videos.

Threadlife Mobile App
Threadlife is an iOS app that lets you record a series of three-second video clips called 'stitches' which are automatically edited into a 'thread'. Then, you can collaborate with Threadlife friends to create a shared story. Keep reading to find out more!

Equipment, Instructions and Ideas for Making Videos
Ready to make great videos? Get ideas and instructions for a variety of video projects.

What to Make a Video About?
Wondering what to make a video about? Here are lots of ideas and suggestions for making fun, creative videos.

Record Webcam Videos That Look and Sound Great
Record webcam footage that looks and sounds great. Tips to improve the quality when you record webcam videos.

Directr Mobile App for iOS: Quality Cell Phone Videos
Directr hopes to help mobile phone users create quality videos to share with family and friends. It does this by providing users with a set of video templates that resemble storyboards - this app makes cell phone video easy!

Transfer, Edit, and Backup Video with MemoryHub
With Memoryhub, all you have to do is collect your memories, ship them, and relax while your materials are digitized. Keep reading to learn how to transfer your moving image memories to digital.

Making Videos With Kids
Tips for making videos with your kids. It's a fun hobby, and a great way to develop creative and computer skills.

Videoblocks Stock Footage and Music
Videoblocks is an affordable option for stock footage. A subscription to Videoblocks offers you unlimited downloads of video footage, graphics and music.

How To Make A Crowdfunding Video
Making a good video can be the key to a successful crowd funding campaign. Tips for making a video for Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other crowd funding site.

Filming Kids
Filming kids doesn't have to be hard! Some advice for directing kids in videos, including controlling their energy and respecting their limits.

Using Voiceover in Your Videos
Tips for sourcing or recording voiceover for your video projects

Making a Book Trailer Video
Tips for planning, producing and promoting your book trailer video. Includes content ideas, production tips and distribution channels.

Using Archival Footage
Any video about the past can benefit from archival footage. This article includes tips for finding and using old videos and photos.

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