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Best Sites to Get Music for Your Videos


The following web sites are great for finding the background music you want and need for your videos.

1. RoyaltyFreeMusic.com

At RoyaltyFreeMusic.com you will have access to over 12,000 tracks. You will find all sorts of music such as background music, rock, classical, Christmas and much more. Pricing for royalty free music is quite reasonable with individual tracks starting at $9.95, or a complete compact disc starting at $99.95. And of course you have the option to purchase a subscription starting at $299.95.

2. Stockmusic.net

At stockmusic.net you pay once and use forever. You can instantly download your music as MP3, AIFF or Wave. You will find all sorts of music for corporate presentations, classical music, country and western, electronic and much more. You can purchase one track for $29.95 or ten tracks for $199.95. There is also the option to purchase credits which allows you to save quite a bit of money (up to 57%).

3. UniqueTracks

UniqueTracks offers a wide variety of royalty free music that can be downloaded directly to your computer in MP3 or WAV format, or you can purchase a CD pack. You will find dance music, jazz, hip hop and much more at UniqueTracks. Pricing begins at $37 per track for an MP3 download and $39 for a WAV download. Each download includes the full length theme, a 60 second mix and a 30 second mix.[/p]

4. ib Audio

[p]At ib Audio you will find a large assortment of music such as blues, funk, inspirational, rock and more. You can purchase unlimited royalty free downloads for $221.35, or you can purchase credits. Each track has a credit value of 3 credits, so one track would cost approximately $30.89. There is no limit to the number of credits you can buy, and the more credits you purchase the more you save.[/p]

5. FilmtvTracks

Filmtv-tracks offers a wide variety of royalty free music such as orchestral, percussion, renaissance, jazz, rock and much more. You can listen to music demos using Flash Player. There are numerous licensing options ranging in price from $69.00 for 1 track to $2,500.00, depending on your licensing needs.
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