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Equipment, Instructions and Ideas for Making Videos


Ready to make great videos? Learn about the equipment, tools and accessories you'll need to start making videos. Pick up tips for putting that equipment to use, so you can make videos that look and sound great. Get ideas and instructions for different types of video to make.
  1. Video Equipment
  2. Video Editing Equipment
  3. Learn to Shoot Video
  1. Learn to Edit Video
  2. Video Projects
  3. Graphics, Effects and Stock Video

Video Equipment

You don't need expensive equipment to make videos, but having the right stuff helps. A good camcorder, editing computer and accessories will improve the quality and ease of all your video-making.

Video Editing Equipment

Get set up to edit videos! Learn about the hardware and software you'll need to get started editing.

Learn to Shoot Video

Recording high-quality digital video is an art and a science. With a basic knowledge of composition and video technology you'll be able to greatly improve the quality of the videos that you make.

Learn to Edit Video

Editing isn't absolutely necessary, but it will make your videos much more fun to watch. Even simple edits, like trimming the front and back of the video clip and adding a title, can greatly improve any video.

Video Projects

Instructions for completing some of the most popular types of video projects.

Graphics, Effects and Stock Video

You don't need to create everything for your videos yourself. There are many online resources offering free or low-cost footage, music and graphics.

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