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Ustream Livestreaming Video


Ustream Livestreaming Video

What is Ustream?:

Ustream is a livestreaming video website that allows you to broadcast and watch video. Ustream has more than one million users, and just as much content. Ustream provides many options for integrating with other social media sites, so you can get your broadcast out to more people.

Getting Started With Ustream:

To start using Ustream, you can log in with your Facebook, Google, Yahoo, or OpenID account, or make a new Ustream account. You'll be directed to your Ustream 'Dashboard' where you can create and manage your channel, connect with friends, and follow other broadcasts. The dashboard is where you can personalize your user profile, connect with contacts, adjust channel settings, and start broadcasting.


To broadcast, you'll need to navigate to your Dashboard. You'll see a link to create a channel, and once you've chosen a name, you'll be able to add more information to your channel. Your channel URL will be: http://ustream.tv/channel/(your channel name). You can share this link through social media, email, or text message, and you can also embed your channel in a blog or website. Ustream channels are automatically public and can be embedded by anyone on any website, but you can adjust these settings through the Dashboard.

To 'Go Live' you can use the browswer-based web broadcaster provided by Ustream. It uses Adobe Flash Player, so you'll need an updated web browser with the current version of Flash. The web broadcaster will automatically detect your recording device, and you can start to broadcast live right from your web camera and built-in microphone. You can also broadcast from your mobile device by downloading the Ustream mobile application. For professional quality live broadcasting, you can download Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE). It's free, and it gives you more options for encoding and input devices. With FMLE you could use a professional video camera to record your live broadcast.

Every channel includes a 'social stream' and a 'chat' window where users can interact and share comments. The social stream is a powerful tool for promoting your channel. Users need to log in to their Twitter accounts to use the social stream, and every comment made will automatically generate a link back to the video channel. The more comments generated in the social stream, the more likely it is that your video will go viral.

You also have control over what shows on your channel when you are off the air. In your channel settings you can make a video playlist that will broadcast continuously, or you can opt to repeatedly play your most recently recorded video.

Watching Ustream:

Watching Ustream is as easy as watching the television. You don't need to log in to enjoy the thousands of channels Ustream has to offer. Ustream is organized into categories that make browsing easy, and also marks which broadcasts are currently live. To enhance the viewing experience, you can join a 'crowd', which means you'll receive email and social media notification every time your favorite broadcasters go live.

Ustream Upgrades:

Ustream offers upgrading options for viewers and broadcasters alike. If you are an avid Ustream watcher, you may want to consider getting a Ustream Premium Membership. For $3.99 a month, you can watch Ustream videos advertisement-free, and you'll also be identified as a Premium user through a badge attached to your username. For broadcasters, Ustream offers Pro Broadcasting packages priced on a sliding scale. The upgrade gives you a set amount of ad-free broadcast hours, more storage space for videos, and more bandwidth for professional HD broadcasting.

Prices current as of March 2012

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