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Thanks to the web, it's easier than ever to share videos. Learn how and where to share your videos online, as well as how to share videos on DVD or the computer.
  1. Web Video Basics
  2. YouTube Video Sharing
  3. Free Video Sharing Web Sites
  4. More Video Hosting Solutions
  1. Video Blogging
  2. Video Sharing Tips
  3. DVDs

Web Video Basics

Web video has made it easier than ever to share your videos. With just a high-speed internet connection, you're ready to create your own online video network!

YouTube Video Sharing

Sharing videos on YouTube is easy and free, which helps explain the enormous popularity of the site. YouTube is continually rolling out new features to improve video sharing, like online editing and auto-transcriptions.

Free Video Sharing Web Sites

There are many other video sharing sites besides YouTube. Many have specialized features and cater to niche audiences.

More Video Hosting Solutions

If you want more control over your web video files, check out these other options for sharing videos online. If you need more features and control, try a paid content delivery network for hosting and streaming your videos. If you're technically savvy, you can learn to do all the video hosting and streaming from your own Web site.

Video Blogging

A video blog is simply a blog with videos embedded in it. Video blogs are easy to create, but to be successful they require dedication and persistence.

Video Sharing Tips

These tips will make your online video sharing even more successful!


With so many videos online, DVDs are nearly becoming obsolete. But they're still a great way to share longer movies or anything that you don't want to put online.

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