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Where to Watch Streaming Videos

There are many web sites where you can watch streaming videos on your computer. Find out about some of the most interesting sites for user-generated and professionally produced streaming video clips.
  1. Animal Video Websites (1)
  2. Business Video Websites (2)
  3. Celebrity Video Websites (1)
  4. College Video Websites (3)
  5. Educational Video Websites (14)
  6. Kids Video Websites (1)
  7. Military Video Websites (7)
  8. Music Video Websites (10)
  9. Nature Video Websites (5)
  10. News Video Websites (7)
  11. Online TV (30)
  12. Political Video Websites (3)
  13. Sports Video Websites (10)
  14. Travel Video Websites (1)
  15. Watch YouTube (5)

Easy Internet TV with the Roku Streaming Media Player
The Roku streaming media player is one of the most versatile, affordable, and popular devices for watching Internet TV. Learn about it here.

Video Google Sites
Searching for videos online? Google video, as well as a handful of other sites, make it easy to find the exact videos you're looking for, as well as general videos related to your interests.

Video Apps

Looking for the top video apps for your phone?  These apps make it easier for you to record, share, find and watch video through your cell phone.  And best of all, many of these great video apps are free!

Fooooo Video Search Engine
Fooooo is a video search engine with international appeal. The site lets you find user-generated videos as well as professionally web content, tv shows and movies.

Clicker Video Search Engine
Clicker is not a video search engine, per se, but instead calls itself a "guide to internet television." The site aims to list all broadcast programming available online, as well as tv-quality internet shows.

TV Guide Online Video Guide
The TV Guide online video guide helps you find your favorite TV shows on the web.

Online Video Guide Showcases Top Web Video Sites
The Online Video Guide is really best for finding online video channels, not particular videos or episodes. So if you're looking for some cool new web shows to watch, you'll be sure to find some sites you've never heard of on OVG.

Blinkx Video Search Disappoints
Blinkx video search engine is a frustrating way to find videos on the web.

Bing Video Lets You Browse and Search Videos
Bing video search is an excellent way to find videos. The browsing function makes it easier to find videos, and the video queue lets you watch videos from a variety of sites all in one place.

Use Google Video to Find Web Programs and Video Clips
Google offers a video search engine that will help you find videos by title, length, language etc.

Top Flash Players
Sometimes you need Flash player software, whether you want to watch a Flash movie you downloaded from the Internet, or evaluate a compressed FLV file. If you're looking for a Flash player, you'll find lots of free options online.

Holiday Video Favorites
Share your favorite holiday video, and find where to watch the most popular holiday videos online.

Holiday Movie Guide
If you're looking for a holiday movie to watch with your family, you don't need to go to the video store or wait for it to come on TV. Many of the best holiday movies are online, and this holiday movie guide will show you where to find them.

YouTube Comedy Videos
Looking for funny videos? Look no further than these comedy video channels on YouTube. You can subscribe to your favorite comedy video channels, leave comments and interact with other comedy video fans and producers.

Do you watch how to videos?
Do you watch how to videos? What's your favorite site to watch how to videos, and why?

Top How to Video Websites
How to videos will teach your everything, from how to repair your car to how to prepare a gourmet meal. Search these sites to find how to videos for whatever skill you need to learn.

Video Web Sites - Users Favorite Video Web Sites
Besides YouTube, what are your favorite video web sites?

Where to Watch Free Video Clips Online
There are many places besides YouTube to watch free video clips online. These sites offer free streaming video clips for all kinds of interests.

Hulu Reviews
Hulu Reviews. Get Hulu reviews from a variety of videographers and users. Add your own Hulu review and join the conversation. See submissions

MyPod Streaming Video
MyPod Studios curates all of the video that streams on its site, so you can be sure you're in for a fun and interesting viewing experience.

SnagFilms - Watch Streaming Documentary Films for Free
SnagFilms is a streaming video website that features documentary and non fiction films.

Showyou Mobile Video Watching App
Showyou is an app that lets you stay connected and up-to-date with the world of online video by delivering personalized video recommendations right to your phone.

Watch the 2012 Summer Olympics Online!
This article will give you a brief run-down of your best options for watching the summer games online.

Unlimited DVR Storage With Boxee TV
Boxee TV has announced the first DVR recorder to provide unlimited storage space for digital video. Read on to find out if Boxee TV could be your new digital video connect.

PlayOn and PlayLater DVR For Online Video
PlayLater is a reliable application that makes online video even more convenient, letting you take it with you anywhere! Keep reading to find out if Playlater is for you.

Verizon NFL Mobile App
The NFL Mobile app from Verizon Wireless gives Verizon subscribers mobile access to on-demand NFL coverage and live access to the NFL Network.

Guide For Watching Online Football
This overview will give you all the information you need to watch football online this season, including the top mobile apps for those viewers that just can't get enough of the NFL.

Squrl Mobile App for iOS
The Squrl mobile app brings all of your favorite video sources together to let you search for new and exciting streaming content. Check out the app for free on iOS mobile devices.

NowThis News Mobile Video
NowThis News is a mobile video application that provides humorous video reporting on everything from politics to technology. It's free to download, and with 100% original content, it may just replace the nightly newscast.

Vodio Video Magazine Mobile App
Vodio is a proud member of a growing group of video discovery and sharing apps. Named in the "Essential App Collections" by several tech reviewers, this app is becoming a go-to for social video.

HuffPost Live Streaming Video Network
With moderated comments, plenty of op-ed pieces, news aggregation, and original reporting, HuffPost Live provides an entertaining mix of media for the digital reader.

Shelby.tv: Online Video and Shelby Genius App for iOS
With Shelby Genius apps for the iPad and iPhone released this fall, and a makeover of its website that will debut soon, Shelby.tv is a notable contender in the fight against old-fashioned television.

Plizy Website and Mobile App
With an impressive array of video sources and a great user interface, Plizy is a great video discovery platform for web and iOS users alike.

Fanhattan Video Discovery App for iOS
This app is geared toward users who want a go-to source for all things entertainment. With entertainment news updates, and an extensive search tool for movies and shows, Fanhattan is a streaming video fan's dream.

Social Video Discovery Tools
This article reviews the biggest names in social video discovery so that you can choose the one that's right for you.

Crackle: Free Movies and Shows Online
Crackle is a free and on demand streaming video service. Available for mobile devices and internet TV devices, Crackle makes it easy to access streaming shows and movies.

Watch Streaming Video With the Apple TV Digital Multimedia Receiver
The Apple TV is a handy tool for watching online video. This digital TV box lets you browse and watch content from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and Hulu from the comfort of your couch. Keep reading to learn more about Apple TV.

Fandor: Watch Independent and Foreign Films Online
Fandor is a subscription-based streaming movie service that consists of over 2,000 independent and foreign films. It's a great alternative to Netflix, and has a great selection for film buffs and indie movie lovers alike.

Watch Internet TV With Nintendo Wii and Wii U
The Wii gaming console from Nintendo is a great way to watch online TV and movies. Keep reading to get the low-down on the great TV and movie options available for the Wii and Wii U.

Vilynx - Watch and Share Videos Anywhere
Vilynx lets you create a library of all of your video content by linking your cloud storage accounts, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and YouTube. Sound useful? Keep reading to get started with Vilynx.

Stevie: Turn Your Social Media Feed into TV
Stevie takes your Twitter and Facebook feeds and turns them into entertaining, live TV! For a hands-free social media experience, check out Stevie TV.

Vine for iOS: The Twitter of Video
Twitter's mobile app, Vine, lets users create video Tweets! With automatic sharing to Twitter, and a 6-second time limit, this app will have you hooked.

Vudu Online Movies On Demand
Vudu is an online video on demand service featuring TV shows and new releases. If you're looking for an alternative to Netflix and Hulu, try Vudu!

Rent and Stream Movies Online with Redbox Instant
Joining online streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Fandor, and Vudu, Redbox takes a different approach by creating appeal through the rental of physical DVDs. Keep reading to learn if the Redbox Instant streaming service is for you.

Share and Store Video with iCloud: Apple's Cloud Storage Solution
Apple iCloud fits right in to the Apple ecosystem by providing you a space to automatically store your files on the cloud - video included - so that you can access them from anywhere.

Shufflr Video Discovery Facebook and Mobile App
Shufflr is a video discovery app that uses your social media graph from Facebook and Twitter to bring online videos to you.

Voddler: Stream Movies and TV Shows On Demand
Voddler features proprietary peer-to-peer streaming technology to bring you quality video on demand. Voddler features a global selection of movies including Hollywood releases.

Vevo Streaming Music Videos Online, Mobile, and on Apple TV
Vevo is a website and mobile app that lets you stream music videos from the biggest names in the business. Vevo is free and features HD playback.

Vdio Social Video Discovery Service
Vdio is an online video discovery and pay-per-view video service. Vdio has no subscription fee so users only pay for what they watch.

Search and Discover Great TV With Televisor
elevisor is a search engine that makes recommendations based on shows you already like.

Devour Curated Video Site: YouTube Made Easy
Devour is a curated video site that chooses select YouTube videos and presens them in a clean web layout.

Find and Watch Movies and TV Shows with Yidio Online and Mobile App
Yidio is a video discovery service that lets you browse all of the major content providers in one place.

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