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Fandor: Watch Independent and Foreign Films Online


Overview of Fandor:

Fandor is a subscription-based streaming movie service that consists of over 2,000 independent and foreign films. Similar to Netflix, users pay a monthly fee to stream an unlimited amount of great movies to their laptops, iPhones and televisions. If you're a film buff and can't find what you're looking for on Netflix or Hulu, check out Fandor's selection. New users get two weeks for free to browse this video subscription's selection before deciding to become a member.

Getting Started With Fandor:

You can browse Fandor's selection before you sign up, but to start watching movies you'll need to create an account with billing information. After creating a username, password, and billing address, you'll have two weeks of free access to top-notch films from around the world. Fandor is committed to supporting the filmmakers that create its content. Half of your $10 per month subscription fee goes to filmmakers or distributors, depending on who owns the rights to the movie. When compared to the cost of seeing an indie movie in theaters, this low subscription fee keeps users happy while supporting the indie movie industry!

Watching Fandor Films:

Fandor's collection of films is extensive, with over 25 genres ranging from Avant-garde and Documentary to Action and Drama. Each of these genres includes sub-genres, so you can choose a film based on your mood. If you're looking for a specific movie, the site also features a search bar that lets you look-up films by director, title, and keyword. In addition to this features, the site includes sections such as "Featured this Week", "Popular Films", "Recently Added", and the Fandor Channel. The Fandor Channel is curated by Fandor, and plays a varied program of films 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The channel feature is perfect if you're feeling overwhelmed by options, and includes a weekly schedule so you know what's on.

The Fandor Movie Player:

Fandor's movie player is versatile, playing on computers with Windows, Apple, and Linux operating systems that use Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome. Fandor's site uses a flash-based movie player, meaning you don't have to download any extra plugins or players as long as you're equipped with the latest version of Flash. Fandor features dynamic streaming to limit lag and buffering times. If a film is available in HD, and you have enough bandwidth to support the connection, you can stream it in full HD.

The Fandor player is pretty standard, including a bar showing the running time, volume control, and a full-screen mode. You'll also have the option to share the movies you're watching with friends through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. When you share a film you like through any of these platforms, your friends can watch a 60 second clip of the film and also check out your review. Filmmakers receive money based on how many minutes their film is watched, so every time you share a film you like on Fandor you're contributing to your favorite filmmakers.

Where to Watch Fandor:

Fandor has apps for the iPad and iPhone, and you can also access it using Roku TV players Roku TV players. To use Fandor on your Roku, simply create an account or log on with Facebook, and you'll be ready to go. Since Fandor has iPad and iPhone apps, you can also use the Apple TV to stream movies to your television. Last but not least, you can always hook up your computer to the television with a VGA or HDMI cable to get them on the big screen.

Keyframe Digital Magazine:

In addition to its streaming movie service, Fandor has an online magazine featuring original content about your favorite movies, directors, and actors. The magazine features video essays, stories, and interviews brought to you by reporters with years of industry experience in independent film. Keyframe isn't just a blog-addendum to the Fandor site - it boasts some of the best foreign and independent film features on the web.

All prices as of December 2012.

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