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Plizy Website and Mobile App


Overview of Plizy:

With an impressive array of video sources and a great user interface, Plizy is a great video discovery platform for web and iOS users alike. You can search free and premium web, movies and shows on the Plizy website, or download the new app for the iPad. With plenty of opportunities to link your premium video accounts to your Plizy profile, the app makes your iPad into a mobile command center for your favorite media. If you're an iPad user, this app is definitely worth checking out to organize your streaming video experience.

The Plizy Website:

The Plizy website and iPad app do basically the same thing - let you search and discover video from a huge database what's out there. Unlike the iPad app, which requires you to login to Facebook, you can browse free and premium content on the Plizy website with or without creating an account. But to get the true Plizy experience, you really need to login and build a taste profile.

Once you've logged in, you can start building a library of movies and shows that you'd like to watch. The website has a pretty basic layout that simulates looking at your DVD collection at home. You can browse media by what's suggested, what's popular, and what's new. If you don't have any premium video subscriptions, Plizy will pull selections from Crackle, an online streaming video network that features free movies with commercial interruptions. Web video is organized into channels for easy browsing, and you can check out the videos your friends have watched recently, or opt to browse by category.

The Plizy iPad App:

Be prepared to pull up login information for all of your premium video subscriptions and social media accounts the first time you use Plizy on the iPad. Linking all of these accounts to the Plizy app will truly make it your "media center in the cloud" by bringing your subscriptions and taste preferences into the same arena. In order to open the app, you'll need to connect with Facebook. Plizy uses your "likes", your friends' "likes", your status updates, and your video activity to bring you personalized recommendations. Keep an eye out for a permissions settings that allow Plizy to post on your behalf - unchecking these boxes will keep your late night Gossip Girl marathons private.

Next, Plizy will suggest that you link your Twitter and Netflix accounts if you have them. Then you can select from a list of other video services like Huluplus, HBO Go and Amazon Prime to include these in your search results. After all of this password recall, Plizy will begin to build your personal media profile. Right away, Plizy produces your first video recommendations, letting you scroll through the list by swiping left and right.

Along the top of the screen you can select the type of media you're searching for - either web videos, movies, or shows, and then enter your search into the bar below. Depending on your current search category, you'll see a list of media. Web video is organized into channels. Movies are arranged in a personalized queue. The shows you follow appear in a list of latest episodes. A large plus sign in the bottom-right of the screen functions as the wheel of discovery, letting you choose from different categories of streaming media.

Plizy makes a convincing case for ditching your other streaming TV devices. You can use the iPad's airplay capabilities to 'throw' any movie, show, or video onto your TV, and avoid hours of frustrating search time in the process. If you're an iPad user, this app is definitely worth checking out.

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