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Vodio Video Magazine Mobile App


Overview of Vodio:

Vodio is a proud member of a growing group of video discovery and sharing apps. Named in the "Essential App Collections" by several tech reviewers, this app is becoming a go-to for social video. With intuitive searching, your Vodio video searches combine customized results with the latest trending videos from around the world, bringing you videos that you'd be hard-pressed to find with a basic Google or YouTube search.

Getting Started With Vodio:

The Vodio app is available free for download from the iTunes store, and will work on both the iPhone and iPad. Once you launch the app, you'll be prompted to choose your favorite topics from a list that includes, tech, entertainment, comedy, and sports. Then, you can opt to link your Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts with the app in order to get a more personalized video experience. The more social networks you link to Vodio, the more information the app has about your taste preferences and those of your friends. Based on this information, Vodio can tailor your video feed to you.

The Vodio Layout:

Along the top of the screen you'll be able to navigate through different video channels by topic. The bulk of the screen features a video feed with the most recent content listed first. Vodio seamlessly integrates advertisements into your video feed - the first few videos will often by ads from sponsors. The bottom of the screen contains the menu bar with links to the search function, your main channels, messages from Vodio and friends, and settings.

Watching videos on Vodio is a pleasant experience, with successive videos snapping into focus as you scroll through a feed. You can rotate your phone or iPad at any point to watch videos in full screen, and navigate between videos with arrows on either side of the current video. When one video ends, the next video in the queue automatically starts playing, making it easy to view your video feed on the go. There are links for sharing videos to Facebook and Twitter, and you can also send your favorites to family and friends via email and text message. In addition, you can add any video to a "Watch Later" queue, which will be stored even after you close out of the app.

Searching With Vodio:

The more you search with Vodio, the more intuitive the app becomes. When you open up the search function, you'll see tags for popular searches on Vodio arranged by channel, topic, and hits. You can click on any of these tags to start searching within the category, and then choose from a list of videos and channels that pertain to your search. Vodio has its own channels for most topics, but you'll also find channels sponsored by brands you recognize. A search for "politics" yields a Vodio "politics" channel as well as C-Span, Fox, CNN, and the New York Times. Vodio searches will yield recommended channels and videos, and the search results will shift depending on the videos and channels you choose.

When you search on Vodio, your search will yield a mix of different types of online media. The first result is a link to Vodio's search results, followed by channel suggestions, followed by Facebook and Twitter feeds. It's a bit difficult to search Vodio with a specific video in mind. The app is all about providing you with a video magazine curated to your taste preferences, but as long as you're open to browsing Vodio's suggestions, you'll be happy with the results.

If you're looking to broaden your online video experience, Vodio is a user-friendly app that lets you discover videos you may never find on your own. With simple controls and an extensive search feature, it's worth checking out Vodio to see if it's the video discovery app for you.

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