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Watch Free Online Music Videos with Blastro


Watch Free Online Music Videos with Blastro

Overview of Blastro:

Blastro is a website showing mostly hip-hop, Latin, R&B and dance music videos. The Blastro network also includes Roxwel (rock, indie and metal music videos) and Yallwire (country and alternative music videos).

What can I watch on Blastro?:

Besides tons of music videos, Blastro also has movie trailers and reviews as well as news clips, shorts and original videos. It's a great place to look for Latin music videos, as they have an unusually good selection.

What do Blastro videos look like?:

Blastro videos play on a three-by-four inch screen. Video quality overall is very good, and videos from lesser-known artists tend be the same quality as those from more popular artists.

How do I watch Blastro videos?:

You'll need Adobe Flash Player 9 or Windows Media Player Version 9 or higher to watch Blastro videos.

Additional Features on Blastro:

You can send Blastro videos to your friends easily with the Share function, and there is also HTML code that you can copy and paste to embed the videos in other websites. The search function is also very useful, as it will provide links to videos on Yallwire or Roxwel as well.

How much do Blastro videos cost?:

Blastro videos are free, though you do have to put up with a short ad at the beginning of each video.

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