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Watch Free Educational Videos on Brainpop


Watch Free Educational Videos on Brainpop

Overview of BrainPop:

BrainPop is an online resource for students, teachers and parents where you can watch short educational videos online.

What can I watch on BrainPop?:

BrainPop features short, animated educational videos on a variety of topics. You need to have a paid subscription to view most of the videos, but there are half a dozen free videos for each topic as well as dozens more you can pay for.

What do BrainPop videos look like?:

BrainPop videos play on a three-by-three inch screen, or you can choose the fullscreen option to play them on a six-by-six inch screen. The videos are simple computer animation, with sharp edges and bright colors.

How do I watch BrainPop videos?:

You'll need Adobe Flash Player 9 to watch BrainPop videos.

Additional Features on BrainPop:

Each video also features a ten-question quiz at the end, with the option to take it online or print it out.

How much do BrainPop videos cost?:

The BrainPop website has several topics, such as English and Social Studies, with dozens of videos for each topic. A handful of these videos are free to watch online. Otherwise, you'll need a subscription to the site. You can choose from several different subscription types, ranging from a family plan starting at $5.95 per month to a full school district plan starting at $1.10 per student per year.

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