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Free Videos for Kids and Families at KidzBop.com


Kidz Bop Overview:

Kidz Bop is a hip (you can tell by the "Z") new site featuring videos for kids, and about kids. Parents may already be familiar with the Kidz Bop line of CDs, featuring popular songs remixed and sung by children.

Kidz Bop Video Topics:

  • Music Videos: These are Kidz Bop songs, playing over kid-centric video footage.
  • Kidz Beat: News stories, by and about kids.
  • Behind the Scenes: "The Making Of" videos for Kidz Bop albums and programs.
  • Life on Ben: A partially-animated gross-out program designed to entertain and educate kids.
  • Comic Adventures: Animated shorts about the adventures of the Kidz Bop band.

Tech Specs for Kidz Bop:

Videos stream in Flash. Download the program if it's not already installed on your computer. As with all web-based video, you'll need a high-speed Internet connection.

Kidz Bop Additional Features:

  • It's easy to link to and email videos.
  • Video player enlarges to full screen.
  • Users are encouraged to submit their own videos. If you're interested in creating a video for Kidz Bop, learn about shooting video for the web.

Must-See Videos on Kidz Bop:

  • An exciting story about a young girl and her surf board.
  • OK, so who doesn't want to learn more about boogers?

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