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Free Streaming Video Clips From PBS for Teachers


Overview of PBS Videos Online:

I remember watching NOVA videos all the time in science and social studies classes. And there's a reason this program is a perennial favorite among teachers--it's well produced, informative and (though some seventh-graders may beg to differ) entertaining.

Now, full-length programs (1-3 hours, divided into chapters) are available free online.

Types of Videos on PBS Videos Online:

Besides full-length programs, there are short (5-15 minute) news magazine type pieces, and 2-4 minute program previews.

How Many Videos Will I Find at PBS Videos Online?:

Nearly 25 videos (not counting previews).

Tech Specs for PBS Videos Online:

Either Quicktime or Real Player is required to view videos. As with all web-based video, a high-speed internet connection is required for optimal viewing, though different streaming options are available depending on your connection speed.

Additional Features on PBS Videos Online:

Closed captions, program transcripts and lesson plans make it easy to access information and use the videos in the classroom.

The Downside of PBS Videos Online:

There is no way to download or save the programs. It would be impractical and uncomfortable to try to get a whole class around one computer screen, but these streaming videos could be effectively used in settings where each student has access to his own computer.

Must-See Videos at PBS Videos Online:

  • The Twin Prime Conjecture stars a lounge singer, mathematicians, and a centuries-old puzzle.

  • A respected scientist explains why The Blob was the most realistic alien movie to ever come out of Hollywood.

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