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Free Videos From TMZ of Hollywood Stars and Celebrities


Overview of TMZ:

If you can't get enough Hollywood news, TMZ brings you on-demand celebrity videos. Videos range from red carpet interview to paparazzi stalking. Video quality is generally poor--dark and shaky--but as long as you get a glimpse of Jessica Simpson's face, nothing else matters, right?

Number of Videos on TMZ:

Hundreds of videos are available on the site, with new ones added all the time. Those stars never rest!

Tech Specs for TMZ:

Videos stream automatically in Quicktime, RealPlayer or Nullsoft, depending which is installed on your computer. As with all web-based video, a high-speed internet connection is required for optimal viewing.

Additional Features on TMZ:

Videos are arranged into galleries, each featuring a particular person, so it's easy to keep tabs on your favorite stars. You can easily email the video clips to friends, or (with an AOL account) IM the videos and create playlists of your favorites.

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