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Watch Free Online Music Videos on VSPOT


Watch Free Online Music Videos on VSPOT

Overview of VSPOT:

VSPOT is VH1's website dedicated to high-quality streaming video.

What can I watch on VSPOT?:

All sorts of fun things are available on VSPOT. Not only do they have an extensive set of music videos, you can also watch movie trailers, live concert footage, as well as clips and sneak previews from VH1's TV shows.

What does VSPOT look like?:

A three-by-four inch screen set into a popup window along with a list of channels (such as "Music," "VH1 Classic," and "Movies") to choose from, and a pane displaying thumbnails and a short description of the content for each set of videos. The videos themselves load fast and look almost as good as they do on TV, even the more obscure ones.

How do I watch VSPOT?:

You'll need Adobe Flash Player 9 to view VSPOT videos, and popups should be enabled for VH1.com.

Additional Features on VSPOT:

If you find something you want to share, VSPOT makes it easy. You can make a playlist of your favorite clips and videos, and then send the list to your friends by clicking the "Send" button at the top and entering their email addresses.

How much does VSPOT cost?:

VSPOT videos are free.

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