1. Technology

Watch Videos on the Web


Watching videos online is easy if you have a high-speed internet connection. These resources will help you find streaming TV, movies and videos to watch online or download.
  1. YouTube Videos
  2. Free Streaming Videos
  3. Downloading Movies
  4. Online TV
  5. Video Search Engines

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the most popular site for watching videos, and you'll be able to find a wide array of amateur and professional videos

Free Streaming Videos

Of course, there are many video sharing sites besides YouTube. If you're looking for professionally produced video content, you'll have better luck looking at video sites that cater to specific audiences.

Downloading Movies

There's no need to go to the video store, now that it's simple to download movies and TV shows from the web to your computer.

Online TV

Why pay for a cable subscription when online TV is so easily available? Learn to navigate online TV channels and find your favorite TV programs online.

Video Search Engines

While you can search for videos on Google and YouTube, it's easier to use specialized video search engines. These sites include features to help you find movies, professional content, and TV series and episodes.

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