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How Can I Watch Free TV Online?


Question: How Can I Watch Free TV Online?

Do you want to cancel your cable and watch free TV online? Here’s how to do it:


If you want to watch free TV online, the first thing you need is a high-speed internet connection. Without high-speed internet, you won’t be able to stream the large files you need to access to watch free TV online.

Most of the major networks, such as ABC, NBC and FOX offer at least some of there TV shows free online, either on their own sites or through the portal Hulu. You’ll generally have to sit through some ads at the beginning or in the middles of the programs, and not all shows are available, but you can still watch many TV shows free online.

If you’re not sure if the TV show you want is available online, go to Blinkx:. This video search engine will tell you where different programs are available to watch free online.

If you plan to watch a lot of free TV online, download Boxee or Veoh. These free applications aggregate videos from around the web so you can watch them in a single interface without having to surf from site to site.

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