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YouTube Leanback is a Relaxing Way to Watch


YouTube Leanback is a Relaxing Way to Watch

The YouTube Leanback Experience:

YouTube Leanback lets you - you guessed it - lean back and watch your favorite videos in full screen HD automatically, no navigating required.

Your YouTube Leanback Feed:

Videos featured on YouTube Leanback come from your feed, which features videos you subscribe to, popular videos, and videos your friends are watching.

Personalizing YouTube Leanback:

Your YouTube Leanback feed will be even more personalized if you connect your YouTube account with your Facebook account. Then, videos that your FB friends are watching and recommending will show up.

Searching on YouTube Leanback:

YouTube Leanback shows you the results of a search right onscreen, and creates a brand new channel with all of the videos.

Browsing on YouTube Leanback:

Besides watching the videos that show up in your feed, you can also browse through the various YouTube channels, rented videos, as well as your own YouTube Leanback search results.

Navigating on YouTube Leanback:

YouTube Leanback is designed to feed you videos automatically, but sometimes you want to take control. By using your computer's arrow keys and Return button you can easily skip over videos, go back to older ones, and access rewind and fast forward functions.

Watching YouTube Leanback:

YouTube Leanback is a full screen experience, and the bigger the screen the better. If you have an internet device hooked up to your TV you can get a high-quality, HD experience.

YouTube Leanback Changes How We Watch Online:

YouTube Leanback is designed to completely change the way people watch and interact with online video. It used to be that watching online video was a lean forward experience. You had to be hunched over your computer to see the small screen, constantly working the mouse as each short video ended.

YouTube Leanback directly challenges that idea by creating an interface that automatically gives users a personalized, full-screen video feed. This lets you lean back and enjoy the videos without having to actively navigate the web site.

For the ultimate YouTube Leanback experience you'll want your computer hooked up to the TV, so you can watch the videos on the big screen. Also, taking the time to personalize your video feed and create customized play lists will make watching YouTube Leanback more enjoyable.

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