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Akamai Content Delivery Network


Introducing Akamai:

If you're looking for a top-of-the-line, high-power content delivery network, Akamai is for you. Some of the biggest brands out there use Akamai, including Audi, Puma, and the Fox television network. According to the Akamai website, this content giant transmits anywhere from 15-30% of the world's internet traffic at any given time. To reach those numbers, Akamai has plenty of servers stationed all over the globe, so that information reaches end users as quickly as possible.

If you're considering using Akamai for content delivery, your company is probably large and your customers are multinational. If you're looking to Akamai for video content delivery, you'll be among the biggest names in the business, as Akamai is the CDN for four out of five of the largest North American online movie rental sites.

Akamai for Media and Entertainment:

Akamai offers several technologies that are specifically designed for facilitating streaming video. There include adaptive bitrate streaming, DVR technology, media analytics, and its patented EdgePlatform technology.

Adaptive bitrate streaming means that the amount of bits of digital video streamed is based on the current network support. Adaptive bitrate streaming is a great technology that saves your viewers from annoying stalls and buffering moments when streaming video.

DVR technology means that Akamai supports digital video recording, which is most commonly used in conjunction with digital cable - it's basically the ability to store shows on a hard drive based locally in the end users home.

Akamai's media anlaytics means that the company can provide you with information about where your users are and the type of media they're watching, which is then used to provide them with better service.

Last but not least, Akamai's patented EdgePlatform Technology is the basis of the network's technological brilliance. It basically means that Akamai's servers are equipped with software algorithms to avoid traffic jams on the information super highway. If internet hubs in London are jam-packed with information packets, Akamai will use its software to re-route the information through less congested locations, oftentimes geographically closer to the end user. This means better-quality and faster video streaming.

Akamai's Partners:

In addition to a to an incredibly strong, global content delivery network, Akamai provides its customers with the support of its partners, and also launched the NetAlliance Solution Partner Program in 2011. In layman's terms, this means that Akamai is partnered with other companies to create solutions for its customers and stream video faster. In addition, Akamai invites other networks to install Akamai servers in their own data centers free of charge, which expands Akamai's network while allowing their partners to use Akamai's servers for video and media streaming.

In short, Akamai is a huge network that provides secure, reliable and advance content delivery. Check out www.akamai.com to learn more, or to contact Akamai about content delivery solutions.

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