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Vidmeup - Get Your Own Video Website For Free!


Do you ever get tired of the ads on YouTube? Are you looking for a way to show your videos online without other brands taking over your own? Do you want your own streaming video site at your own domain name? Vidmeup is an online video platform that satisfies all these needs and more. Vidmeup lets users create their own video sites that are ad-free, brand-free, and can be accessed via the domain name of their choosing. The best part about it? It's free of charge.

If you care about the integrity of your videos, or want to keep your brand or cause separate from the ads that inundate online video, it's well worth it to sign up for Vidmeup.

Getting Started With Vidmeup:

Vidmeup encourages you to start out with a free account, take a look around, and upgrade if they choose. You can log in to Vidmeup with your Twitter or Facebook accounts, or make a new user account. First, you'll need to choose a name for your site. Then, provide your name, a valid email address, and create a password, and you'll be ready to launch your site. Once you've logged in, you'll need to confirm your new account via the email address you provided. Now you can upload a video, add a page, change the look of your site, or add your own domain name.

Using The Vidmeup Dashboard:

The Vidmeup Dashboard is where you'll make the administrative decisions regarding the layout, content, and monetization of your site. The Dashboard also acts as your site monitor, displaying your site members, number of videos uploaded, revenue earned, and storage space used. This information will help you manage your site effectively, and also let you know if it's worth it to upgrade your account.

Some popular actions for the Vidmeup Dashboard include changing the style of your site and adding pages. Under the 'Site Manager' tab, you'll find access to these stylistic controls, and also have a chance to change your domain name. To add pages to your site, go to the 'Site Pages' tab, and simply click 'Add new page'. This will take you to a Wordpress style template where you'll enter titles, keywords, and content. Preview the page to make sure you like it, click 'add page', and your new Vidmeup page will appear at username.vidmeup.com/newpage. With this url, you can link to the page from your site's home page, or any other page on the web.

If you really want to make your site your own, it's a good idea to change the theme. Their are a lot of pre-set themes to choose from on the Vidmeup site, but you can also upload your own theme or tweak the base HTML template. This will make the style of your other websites cohesive with your Vidmeup site, enhancing its potential for both branding and monetization.

You can also manage your site's members through the dashboard. You'll need to upgrade to a premium account to allow viewers to become members of your site. If your site gets enough traffic and you're considering monetization, this is well worth it. With an upgrade you can charge per video view or member subscription, transforming your Vidmeup site into your very own streaming video channel, vlog, or pay-per-view site. Bolster membership to your site by releasing newsletters to members that include information relevant to your brand or cause.

Uploading Videos To Vidmeup:

Thanks to Vidmeup's wide-ranging file format support, your video will most likely be compatible for upload. Browse for the video on your computer's hard drive, give it a title, and you'll be set to upload. Keep in mind that your video can't be copyrighted material or illegal content, and the file size must be less than or equal to your monthly allowance. Free accounts only have 750 MB of space, so if your videos are HD you'll want to upgrade your account to Premium or Enterprise. Check out this table for more information on the features of the different account types.

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