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Viral Marketing Videos

Top Viral Marketing Videos of All Time


This is a completely subjective list of the top viral marketing videos of all time. Some of these were well thought out viral marketing strategies, others were complete viral marketing flukes. Check out the videos and you'll be entertained and may even get some ideas for your own viral marketing strategies.

1. Blendtec Viral Marketing Videos

I don't know anyone who actually owns a Blendtec blender, but I also don't anyone who's not aware of their "Will it Blend?" series of viral marketing videos. It's so simple it's brilliant: show off the blender's power by putting it to work on items like an iPhone or golf balls. Blendtec's formula for viral marketing video success? Fun, short videos with a professional look and some shock value.

2. Old Spice Smell Like a Man, Man Viral Maketing Videos

The Old Spice Man started out on TV.  Those ads were funny, and the campaign only got funnier when they went to the web.  The videos feature NFL star Isaiah Mustafa, wearing only a towel, showing off what a manly man Old Spice makes him.  The marketing campaign went viral when, over a couple days in summer 2010, a flurry of videos were conceived and produced mostly just based on Twitter interactions with celebrities and regualr folks.

3. Mentos & Diet Coke Viral Marketing Video

This viral marketing sensation was not produced by either Mentos or Coke, but with millions views it's been a boon to them both. If you haven't seen it, it features two guys dressed as scientists mixing Mentos and Diet Coke to create explosions and geysers, all set to a really cool beat. Mentos and Diet Coke are lucky that it's a fun and funny video that prominently displays both brands.

4. Dove Evolution Viral Marketing Video

In one minute, this video shows how an average looking woman styled and airbrushed into an icon of beauty; it's quick, it's interesting and it conveys and important message. This viral marketing video, which has been seen more than 10 million times, is part of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. It's a successful example of a creating an image for a brand through cause marketing.

5. Levis Viral Marketing Videos

These viral marketing videos from Levis, which feature guys back flipping into their jeans, are designed to look like user-generated non-ads. The image is overexposed, the camera work is shaky, the compression is atrocious, and there's no overt mention of any brand. But we see the Levis back pocket stitching enough to understand whose jeans those are in the video.

6. Smirnoff Tea Partay Viral Marketing Video

This viral marketing video is a music video parody that was funny enough to catch on in a big way. After all, who wouldn't get a kick out of seeing preppy guys rap about their place on Cape Cod and their parents' money? This video obviously took a lot of time to make, but they got everything right, from the actors to the setting to the lyrics, and hit a viral video nerve.

7. Sony Bravia Viral Marketing Videos

These commercials for Sony Bravia have become very popular online, because they're just so cool. Filming stop-motion of clay bunnies invading New York City can't be cheap, and these high-quality videos would probably be better viewed on a nice HD tv, but that hasn't stopped millions from watching and sharing the ads online.

8. Evian Viral Marketing Video

In this viral marketing video, Evian uses a classic view-getter: babies. In this case, it's a gang of babies on roller skates doing tricks around Evian bottles. It's nothing to crazy or original, but people love babies, and this video has been watched more than 30 million times, turning it into a viral marketing video sensation.

9. JK Wedding Dance Viral Marketing Video

This video wasn't conceived as a viral marketing video, but it's online popularity has turned it into a cash cow. As someone who's taped more than 300 weddings, I'm rarely surprised by what I see, but these bridesmaids and groomsmen dancing down the aisle to Chris Brown's "Forever" astounded me with their joy and creativity.

Usually, using a copyrighted song like "Forever" will get your video booted from YouTube, but instead the site took advantage of the video's popularity by advertising the song to video viewers. The couple who originally uploaded the video are also asking viewers to open their wallets, not for commercial purposes but to contribute to violence prevention programs.

10. Nike & Kobe Bryant Viral Marketing Video

In this viral marketing video, Kobe Bryant puts on a pair of Nikes and then jumps over an Aston Martin. The video quality is lousy, making it look user-generated, not professionally produced. But the visibility of Nike's logo and products make it clear that this was a thought-out viral marketing effort. A huge part of the video's popularity came from people watching the video and asking, "did he really do that?!?!?" They commented with that question, forwarded it to friends to see what they thought, and voila, viral marketing video success!

11. Guitar Hero & Heidi Klum Viral Marketing Video

There's a pretty simple formula for this viral marketing video featuring a supermodel playing Guitar Hero in her panties: sex sells.
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