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Youtube Friends

Using the YouTube Friends Feature


YouTube friends and YouTube subscribers often get confused. Use the friends feature for people who you know and trust. Then you can communicate with them more easily on YouTube, and give them greater access to your videos.

1. Let YouTube Friends Comment on Videos

In the comments settings for your uploaded videos, you can choose to let friends add comments without moderation. This is a good way to encourage interaction amongst a trusted group, without having to worry about trolls hijacking the comment thread.

2. Allow YouTube Friends to Message and Share Videos

By default, any YouTuber can send you messages and share videos with you. If you find yourself getting a lot of spam or just want to maintain your privacy, you can set up a restriction so that only YouTube friends can communicate with you. To change this setting, go to Account Settings, then Privacy, then Search and Contact Restrictions.

3. Communicate With Your YouTube Friends

YouTube friends are automatically included in your YouTube address book, so you can easily send them messages and share videos from within the YouTube interface. You can even create groups of friends to make it easier to share with multiple people at once.

4. Display Friends on Your YouTube Channel

One of the optional display modules for the YouTube channel is a list of your friends. Set this to share your friendships with everyone who visits your page.

5. Turn YouTube Friends Into Subscribers

Being friends with someone makes it easy to communicate and share videos on YouTube. But YouTube friends aren’t automatically informed when you upload new videos. For that, they need to subscribe to your channel.
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