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Youtube Subscriptions

Tips to Manage and Maximize Your Youtube Subscriptions


YouTube subscriptions help you keep up with your favorite video producers. There are different types of subscriptions, and different notification options.  Manage your YouTube subscriptions so you see the videos you want, but aren't deluged by too many notifications.

1. YouTube Subscriptions on Your Homepage

Every time you log on to the YouTube Homepage, you’ll see new videos from channels you subscribed to on YouTube. The four most recent videos are displayed, so if one of your YouTube subscriptions is an avid uploader, you’ll want to go to their channel to see all the videos.

2. Types of YouTube Subscriptions

YouTube subscriptions can include all videos uploaded and recommended by a user, or only videos uploaded by that user. You also can choose whether or not to get email notifications when there's new activity from your YouTube subscriptions.

3. Manage YouTube Subscriptions

If you want to adjust the settings for your YouTube subscriptions, you can do that directly from the channel's page. Or, go to your Subscriptions page to access all of them at once.

You can cancel a YouTube subscription in the same ways you edit your subscription settings. You can also cancel video email alerts, but keep the subscription.

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