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YouTube Views

Understand Your YouTube Video Views


YouTube Insight shows you exactly where your YouTube video views come from. Learn what type of people are watching your videos, where they live - even what parts of the videos they like best.

1. YouTube Insight Overview

On your video's page you can reveal some basic information about your who has viewed your videos. You'll learn about the age and location of viewers, as well as see a timeline of when people discovered and linked to your video. For more information about YouTube views, click More Insight Statistics.

2. Hide Information About YouTube Video Views

You can choose to set your video view statistics to public or private. The total number of video views will be available with either setting, but if you choose private, information like the demographics and location of viewers will be hidden.

3. Regional YouTube Views

It's possible to drill down and find out how many people are watching your videos in each state and in various countries around the world. Knowing where people are when they watch your videos can help you plan future content. Also, you may want to translate your videos if you have lots of viewers who speak a different language.

4. YouTube Viewer Discovery

The Discovery chart shows how viewers get referred to a YouTube video. Some find it through search, some watch it embedded in a blog, and some just stumble upon it.  By understanding where YouTube views come from you can evaluate promotional campaigns and maximize and build on your success.  


5. YouTube Viewer Demographics

YouTube Insight provides valuable information about the age and gender of your viewers. If you have a lot of younger viewers, you can make videos that appeal to their demographic. If you have a lot of older viewers, consider adding closed captioned subtitles to your YouTube videos to make them easier to understand.

6. YouTube Viewer Interactions

The Community section shows you when people respond to your video by rating, responding or commenting. You can learn where they come from and look for trends in the types of videos that get favorable engagement.

7. Learn About Your YouTube Subscribers

The people who subscribe to your YouTube channel are in many ways your most important audience - they have volunteered to be shown your new videos. The Subscribers section of YouTube Insight shows you who these subscribers are, where they come from, and when they join - or leave - your channel.

8. YouTube Video Hot Spots

Hot Spots shows you how much of your video viewers are actually watching, and which parts they particularly like or dislike. The Hot Spots feature only works with videos that have a substantial number of YouTube views. When it works it provides valuable feedback that you can use to make your videos more engaging for viewers.

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