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Download Movies From the Web to Your Computer

It's easy to download movies from the Internet to your computer. Find reviews of video purchase and rental web sites, technical information, and movie downloading tutorials.
  1. iTunes Movie Downloads (3)

Online Movie Rentals
Online movie rentals are one of the easiest ways to access and watch films. New releases, classics, blockbusters and indies are all available from a growing number of online movie rental websites.

Download Movies to Your Computer
How to download video from the web. This explains what you need to know so you can easily download videos from the internet to your computer.

Streaming Movies From Netflix
Review of the Netflix streaming video service, which allows subscribers to watch unlimited movies and tv shows online. The price is low, and the service is high, but the selection is subpar.

Downloading Videos, Movies and TV Programs From Amazon Unbox
All about downloading videos, movies and TV shows from Amazon Unbox downloading service.

Saving YouTube Videos to Your Desktop
Saving YouTube videos to your desktop is simple. You can use a third-party site for saving YouTube videos, or you can download your own videos directly from YouTube

Share and Store Video with iCloud: Apple's Cloud Storage Solution
Apple iCloud fits right in to the Apple ecosystem by providing you a space to automatically store your files on the cloud - video included - so that you can access them from anywhere.

Google Drive and Google Play: Edit, Store, and Share Video in the Cloud
When it comes to using video in the cloud, Google is ahead of the curve with ways to watch, edit, and share video online. It lets you rent and buy movies and music with Google Play, and also lets you edit video online with Pixorial, Magisto and WeVideo. Keep reading to learn more.

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