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Amazon Video on Demand Streams Movies and TV Shows


Amazon Video on Demand Streams Movies and TV Shows

Overview of Amazon Video on Demand:

Amazon Video on Demand is an extension of Amazon's web based sales service. Amazon Video on Demand has a vast library of more than 75,000 TV shows and feature length films.

Amazon Video on Demand instantly streams your selections on your computer or through an internet TV device. If you want to watch when you're not connected, you can download the Amazon Unbox video player, which will save your movies and shows to your PC or an enabled Tivo device.

Variety of Movies on Amazon Video on Demand:

Currently Amazon Video on Demand houses more than 7,500 movies and shows. Popular favorites are easy to find, but there is also a large selection of documentaries, art house and foreign films. Many new and theatrical releases are also available from Amazon Video on Demand.

Sign-Up Procedure for Amazon Video on Demand:

You can purchase or rent videos through Amazon Video on Demand just as you would purchase any other product from Amazon. Registered users can use their existing Amazon account; new users must create a profile by entering a valid email address and credit card number.

Cost of Amazon Video on Demand:

While Amazon Video on Demand does offer some free programming, most rentals cost a few dollars.

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