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Threadlife Mobile App For iOS


Overview of Threadlife:

The basic concept of Threadlife is this: you record a series of three-second video clips called 'stitches' which Threadlife edits together into a 'thread'. Then, you can collaborate with friends that use Threadlife to combine your threads together to create a shared story. You can take a Threadlife stitch in about the same time as you can take a photograph, making Threadlife stories into video's take on the photo slideshow. With a simple user interface, easy editing features, and collaborative video creation, Threadlife might just be the social video app you're looking for.

Getting Started With Threadlife:

Threadlife is free to download from the App Store, and works on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Once you've launched the app on your phone, you'll need to create an account to get started. Threadlife will ask you for an email address, username and password, and also requires you to create a 'stitch' to accompany your profile. The stitch is a three-second video clip, and also forms the basis of video creation for the Threadlife app. After you've done this, you can choose to allow Threadlife to use your current location, which will geotag your content, and then find out which of your friends use Threadlife by connecting through Facebook. Then, the app will take you through a helpful tour of all the important features.

Creating a Video With Threadlife:

To create your first Thread, you'll need to record three three-second video clips. Then, you can preview the thread you've just created. Threadlife adds each of your threads to a section called 'My Life Thread' which keeps a chronological record of every stitch you've recorded. You can create a new thread to start a separate video. Upon creating the thread, you'll get to choose collaborators from the list of Threadlife friends, or choose to make the thread public so that everyone on Threadlife can add video. This feature is great for documenting events like weddings or weekend getaways.

Click on the lens to start recording. You'll find the record button on the right of the screen, and recording options include flash and the ability to flip the camera to face-time to record yourself. In the upper-left corner you'll see a label that lets you know which thread you're recording to. Unless you've started a new thread, Threadlife will add your stitches to the default "My Life" video. Along the bottom of the screen you'll see a timeline of your clips edited together in chronological order. You can play the thread without leaving the camera function to see what you've recorded so far. Threadlife also includes basic editing functions which let you delete stitches you don't like, or copy selected stitches to another thread.

The Threadlife Layout:

The Threadlife homepage is a video feed that shows the latest content generated by other Threadlife users. In addition to scanning the feed based on the latest videos created, you can check out featured content and trending videos that have amassed a lot of views. Each video you watch features a section for posting comments, the opportunity to 'like' the video, and you can follow the Threadlife creator to keep up with their thread. Like any social video app, Threadlife also includes the option to share the video via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

No matter where you are in the Threadlife app, the camera lens and Threadlife menu are conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. This makes it easy to navigate between different app features, and lets you pick up your phone and record when the mood strikes. The menu keeps it simple with just four hotlines: "discover", "my threads", "following" and "me". The "me" section is where you'll find important features like privacy settings, and also where you find and link up with friends that are also using the app. The discover tab collects all your friends' activity on Threadlife, giving you video updates on their lives. Building a network of friends is essential to Threadlife - it not only makes the app more interesting, it also boosts the popularity and intrigue of the content you create.

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