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Windows Movie Maker Video Editing Software


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Movie Maker Overview:

Movie Maker, the free video editing software that comes with new PCs, is perfectly adequate for beginning video editors. With Windows Movie Maker you can edit and share video and audio files easily on your home PC.

Will Movie Maker Run on My Computer?:

Versions of Movie Maker are available for Windows 7, Vista and XP users. Most computers meet the minimum operating requirements for Movie Maker, but if you're doing a lot of editing, make sure that you're set up with a good video editing computer.

Will Movie Maker Work With My Video Format?:

Movie Maker supports most video formats, whether you're working with full quality HD or compressed Flash or cell phone video. If Movie Maker doesn't support your video format, you can easily use downloadable video compression software to convert it to .avi, which is a preferred format for Movie Maker.

All About Windows Movie Maker:

If you are a PC user, Movie Maker is the place to get started with your video editing. Most likely, Movie Maker is already installed on your computer. If not you can download the Movie Maker version that is right for you, 2.1 for XP users, 2.6 for Vista users, and Windows Live Movie Maker for Windows 7.

Movie Maker offers many video filters, special effects and titles, and allows you to edit videos, photos and audio.

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